"Functional" kidneys grown from stem cells
Mad Cow Disease-Resistant Cow Cloned in Korea
The promise and peril of embryonis stem cell research: a call for vigilant oversight
Clone the Taxpayers
Germany debates gene patents - Lawmakers introduce a bill to grant commercial rights on genes but allow research use
The Case Against Perfection
DNA pioneer urges gene free-for-all
Shining Under Scrutiny - New Biotech Pets Make Some Uneasy
Manipulation can alter embryo genes
Romney may face test from abortion opponents
Health Agency Taking Steps to Speed Results of Research
Human Embryonic Stem Cells Cloned
The New Science of cell hacking - Programming bacteria like computers, scientists tap an unexpected labor force
Scientists Say Access to Embryo Stem Cells Lacking
U.N. delays treaty on human cloning
Bush dismisses council members - Scientific groups angry at loss of Elizabeth Blackburn from group considering stem cells
Findings deepen debate on using embryonic cells
Stem cell research bill
Generalist genes 'cause all learning disabilities'
Six percent in 6 - Analysis and annotation of human chromosome 6, containing 6% of the human genome
Firms Reluctantly Accept Labeling for Drugs Tested With Human Embryos
Researchers obtain stem cells from unfertilized embryo
Italian promises cloned human baby in January
The politics of cloning. An old idea could prove useful in a new debate
"Designer baby" ruling stokes controversy
Japanese scientists take first step towards cloning ice age beast
Government drafts Bill to ban human cloning
Diabetes Research Fuels Embryo Stem Cell Debate
Europe: Parliament approves EU stem cell research
Fewer Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Than Expected Available for Federally Funded Research, NIH Analysis Says
Scientists must win public onfidence
How Genes Affect Moods. Insights from Harvard Medical School
Tailoring Therapies: Cloned human embryo provides stem cells
Experts criticize U.S. stem cell decision
Cloning and Democratic Deliberation
Spanish scientists draw up stem-cell manifesto
California company claims it is cloning
Embryo Disease Diagnosis Technique Could Provide Lifelong Stem Cells
The model biotech company? An ethical dilemma
Senate Backs Safeguards for Genetic Data
Reality tempers hope in stem cells - Therapies derived from stem cell research are probably a long way off, but patients don't like to hear that
Cloning human beings. The current and future legal status of cloning
House Votes To Prohibit All Human Cloning Measure Faces Uncertainty In Closely Divided Senate
The Clone Wars. Wrangling over cloning patents may decide which of three obscure companies grows up to be a powerhouse
Stealth Stipulation Shadows Stem Cell Research - A provision in the US appropriations bill bans patents on human organisms
"Animals" grown from an artificial embryo
Ethics of sex choice probed
Stem cells - brain into brawn
Canada Passes Bill to Ban Human Cloning
Public outrage prompts ban on baby sex selection
Down a new silk road
Scientists discover epilepsy susceptibility gene
Cloning can't be stopped
Scientists grafted primate testes onto mice which produced fertile sperm
Natural allies. Greens and Christians both oppose cloning-and they should be able to join on other issues as well
A scientific rationale for human embryonic stem cell research
The human embryonic stem cell debate: science, ethics, and public policy
Parents pay to choose baby's sex. Doctor's gender clinic revealed: Will it be a boy or a girl?
Scientists press UN for worldwide ban on cloning of babies
A brave new Bill?
Your daddy was a donor
Plan for ethical embryo creation
A Fight at the U.N. Over Cloning
Where ignorance is bliss
White House to Discuss Stem Cells With House
Noisy Genes Can Have Big Impact
A clone by any other name
Cloning still looks far too dangerous at attempt
Davis Signs Stem Cell Research Bills
Cloning Doctor Ridiculed By Scientists, Government
Embryo screening helps woman, 42, become pregnant
Prohibition on Patenting Humans Attached to Senate Bill
Single DNA change causes mosquito resistance
Stem cells can be transplanted to the retina
Scientists modify sperm to add new fish to the gene pool
Trends in embryo-transfer practice and assisted reproductive technology
Umbilical Cord Blood Treats Rare Inherited Disorder
Mule in Idaho is first member of horse family to be cloned
Scientist attacks hype over clone research
Bringing the 'gospel of life' to american jurisprudence: a religious, ethical and philosophical critique of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research
Scientists compile map of mouse's genome. Placed in public domain, data on key lab animal has implications for human medical research
Combining Embryos Improves Cloning
Australia OKs human embryo research
Entering a Brave New World, Warily
Juvenile Diabetes Group Claims Conservatives Back Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Scrambled drugs: trangenic chickes could lay golden eggs
Louisiana House Committee Approves Bill That Would Ban All Human Cloning
Specially respecting the living human embryo by adhering to standard human subject experimentation rules
Stem cells trickle into Germany. Only a handful of groups have applied to import embryonic cells under stringent rules
Gene triggers new hair in adult mice
Stem cells 'could boost breasts'
"Time warp" twins born from embryos frozen 12 years ago
Brain Cells from Embryos Connect - Treated as normal neurons, they show promise for treating nervous system diseases
Biotech summit in San Francisco - Industry makes major strides but still generates controversy
Chemical turns stem cells into beating heart cells
Stem Cell Research around the World
Reproduction and Responsibility
Human Cloning Scientifically Impossible: Prof. Hwang
Change of tactics for IVF
EU in stem cell limbo - Council meeting to resolve the ES cell debate fails to reach a decision
Should We Improve Our Genome?
U.S. Panel About to Weigh In on Rules for Assisted Fertility
Stem cell progress on Parkinson's
Scientists hail a stem cell experiment - Research is seen helping in studies of birth defects
Landmark Conference for U.N. on Human Cloning, Stem Cell Research - Scientists from 4 Continents to address UN delegates
British National Health Service May 'Crack Down' on Number of Embryos Implanted During IVF Procedures
The Cloning Success in Korea
Stem cells: A long road ahead
Dr. Hwang Woo-suk: the 'Stem Cell' Man
Stem cells transplanted to where your tooth fell out will soon make a new tooth for you
Unfertilized embryos may move stem cell debate forward
Fertility procedure holds promise
Four dairy cows cloned from one parent
Drug may give cells a fresh start. A chemical could switch adult cells from one type to another
Panel limits use of embryos - US President's Council restricts study of embryos past 14 days, silent on work before that
How one clone leads to another
Congress members urge Bush change stem-cell policy
The Doctor Is In - The head of the president's bioethics commission on assisted reproduction, cloning, council critics & more
Amniocentesis increasingly unnecessary
Senate passes 'historic' bill on reproductive technology
FDA regulation of human cloning: usurpation or statesmanship?
Human embryonic stem cells found?
U.N. Assembly Puts Off Action on Human Cloning Ban
As age of the saviour sibling dawns, pressure mounts inexorably to change embryo rules
Stem Cell Self-Renewal Gene Identified
Cloning and federalism
Stem cells - loose change
Is Dr. Clone creating life or trying to save it? South Korean defends ethics of his controversial research
Eggs coaxed from stem cells
12 countries unite to advance stem-cell research
Risks and Benefits of Gene-Altered Bugs Merit Thorough Study, Report Says
Milking the technology
No conclusion in sight for inter-institutional debate on embryonic stem cell research
Bush panel has 2 views on embryonic cloning

Two decades after the Baby M case, many states still have no surrogacy laws
Government moves to extend law prohibiting human cloning
The Women Behind Cloning
UK doles out stem cell funds - Fifty-seven new grants awarded as search for new treatments intensifies
EU Parliament Says Yes to Embryo Cell Research
Favorable Logistics - In Brazil, infrastructure and human resources for cloning are available
Cancer patients may preserve fertility through egg-freezing program
Researchers Clone Calf From Cloned Bull
Stem cells come of age
Policy brief: stem cell research
Researchers Identify Molecular Marker That Could Help Determine 'Best' Embryo for IVF, Study Says
Stem-cell work joins Clinic, Israeli group
The Stem Cell Challenge - What hurdles stand between the promise of human stem cell therapies and real treatments in the clinic?
Pro-lifers criticize report by president's bioethics council
Rat embryos survive after adult marrow stem cell transplants
California Advocates Try to Put Stem-Cell Initiative on Ballot
Panel recommends a moratorium on cloning research
Artificial wombs could take pregnancy into laboratory
Maryland Cloning Ban Would Prohibit All Forms of Human Cloning
An introduction to genetic analysis
Researchers Make Cloning Br xxxx
White House council's proposal worries infertility community
Promoting Ethical Regenerative Medicine Research and Prohibiting Immoral Human Reproductive Cloning
California's $3 Billion Stem Cell Research Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot
Chicken Genome Assembled. First Avian Genome Now Available to Scientists Worldwide
Unfertilized eggs could be new stem cell source
Outlook for US stem cell research brightens
Korea to Stop Cloning With Human Eggs
German minister urges rethink on stem cell rules
Parents taking stem cell "insurance"
Bush Dismisses Two Members of Bioethics Council, Appoints Three New Members
Growth of stem cells a first for UK science
Proliferative lifespan is conserved after nuclear transfer
South Dakota House Passes Bill Stating Life Begins at Conception
Scientists Seek to Clone Human Cells
Nature via nurture: gene, experience, and what makes us human
Monkey Born from Transplanted Ovary Tissue
Arguing the "obvious" in Wisconsin: why state regulation of assitend reproductive technology has not come to pass, and how it should
Bank for stem cells has backing
Is cloning ethical? Cloning debate calls into question nature of humanity
First randomized trial of adult stem cell injections in heart failure patients shows benefit
China's human-cloning policy fudges law on cross- species fusions
The transhumanists
Enough, Staying Human in an Engineered Age. By Bill McKibben, Times Books: 2003
Nancy Reagan tackles Bush on stem cells - Former president's wife to make public plea in support of extending research to include embryos
How sperm fertilises egg, and how it could aid medical research. After a 12- year search, British scientists have identified how a sperm fertilises an egg
N.J. gov. signs bill allowing therapeutic cloning, stem cell research
Fetal Position. The real threat to Roe v. Wade
Parkinson disease: stem cell promise
Genes, medicine, and the new race debate
Science on verge of new "Creation" - Labs say they have nearly all the tools to make artificial life
EU clarifies stem cell rules. European Parliament committees reject amendments that would have restricted or banned embryonic stem cell research
The New Eugenics
Cloning ban gets new life - House would halt even research use
A comprehensive national ppolicy to stop human cloning: an analysis of the human cloning prohibition act of 2001 with recommendations for federal and state legislatures
Disgust is good for you, shows study
Canada passes cloning law - Rules are part of reproductive technology act that some say leaves confusion
Bioethics council reaches consensus on assisted reproduction - The panel's report calls for a ban on cloning babies but would not outlaw human embryonic stem cell research altogether
Germany allows embryonic stem cell imports
Britain moves to supply stem cells for research - New facility is seen as global repository
The Stubborn Facts of Science -Human embryos are human beings
President's Council on Bioethics Recommends Greater Regulation of Fertility Industry, Ban on Reproductive Cloning
Skin regeneration not isolated to epidermal stem cells
Singapore to open S$15m public cord blood bank
Pig-human chimeras contain cell surprise
'All we wanted was to save our son'
MRC welcomes overturn of embryo ruling
A case for federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research: the interplat of moral absolutism and scientific research
Reproductive Wrongs
Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells Can Become Neurons in Humans
Science and the Bush Administration - Breaking the policy deadlock on cloning and assisted reproduction
Secrets from our family tree
Malaria's deadly secrets laid bare
Canadians havenÕt heard the end of the cloning issue
Naveh surprised by nod to cloning
Sperm inject RNA into eggs at fertilisation
IVF fears
Unexpected results - Scientists often think the public will believe anything when it comes to new research, but studies show that this viewpoint is unproven
Study expands range of stem cell abilities
Stem cell laws move a step closer in Western Australia
Mature Human Embryos Cloned - South Koreans' Work Has Medical Promise But Raises Conc xxx
Shaky defence. Supposed legal barriers against cloning in the US would not hold up in court, say American legal experts
EU Ministers Fail to Agree Stem Cell Funding Rules
Rivals resume battle of the genome map
Funding key in stem cell research fight
University to launch human embryo research effort
Study: Fertility guidelines lower multiple births
Move to ban human cloning likely to divide UN members
The truth about human aging
Choosing a Child's Gender Raises Ethical, Religious Concerns
Stem cell treatment relieves angina: medical trial
embryonic stem cell research and the respect for human life: philosophical and legal reflections
The Stem-Cell Debate Just Got Thornier. Recent findings may give scientists a way around legal obstacles - but open up new fields for ethical debate
Human cloning and the right to reproduce
US stem cell rules loosening? Advocates read good, bad news between the lines of Zerhouni statement
Biotech Ends and Means
Cloning success marks Asian nations as scientific tigers
Gender machine put to the test
Survey Published in JAMA Shows 61 Percent Approve of Using PGD to Select Embryos to Save the Life of Sister or Brother
Bone Marrow Cells Can Become Brain Stem Cells
Eugenics Alive Coming soon to a country near you.
Transplant triumph: cloned cow kidneys thrive for months
Debate Over Cloning in U.S. Remains Intense
Genomes from scratch. Synthetic infective bacteriophage generated from a random pool of DNA oligonucleotides
The International HapMap Project
Fat's Full of True Stem Cells - Finding confirms that liposuction could be a first step to regenerating bone, cartilage and nerves
Eggs Coaxed from Stem Cells in Lab Dish
Popping a pill could fix gene defect
Human fertility scientists under pressure to rein in unethical work of mavericks
StemCells, Inc. Gets Grant To Continue Development Of Human Neural Stem Cells As Treatment For Spinal Cord Injuries
Mice Created for 1st Time Without Fathers
Despite Advance in Cloning, Scientists Are Tempering Hope With Reality
Our Biotech Future. An exchange
Scientist at Harvard boosts stem cell pool
The cooperative gene: how Mendel's demon explans the evolution of complex being
Louisiana Senate Backs Complete Human Cloning Ban, Battle Continues
Majority approve of stem cell research
The ethical considerations
Actor Reeve: States Will Lead Stem Cell Research
At the Center of the Storm Over Bush And Science
Stem cell research faces ban under EU directive
Ethical issues in human stem cell research. Volume III: religious perspectives
Where Art Studio Meets Science Lab
Awaiting the Miracles of Stem-Cell Research
Swedish scientists produce healthy baby from mice with womb transplants
Special section on human genetics: With your genes? Take one of these, three times a day
Gene Counters Struggle to Get the Right Answer
"Humanised" organs can be grown in animals
Embryonic stem cell use poses dilemma - Should you destroy a life to save a life? That question is facing many scientists in the lab today.
206 House Members Send Letter to Bush Asking Him To Expand Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Bush sacks outspoken biologist from ethics council
South Korea, With Renowned Scientists, Revives Debate
Stem cell growth could herald cure for blindness
The Facts on Stem Cells
Stem Cells May Not Be Able to Mend Broken Heart
Researchers Heal Parkinson's Disease in Rat Study
Opting out on stem cells
The other stem cells
Storm in a test tube. How significant is the creation of teh first hman embryo?
Human Stem Cell Work May Start in 5 Years
Missing gene a potential risk factor for birth defects
New stem-cell gel advances spinal injury research
Germany Hints At Loosening of Stem Cell Law
Air-dried sperm fertilized eggs. Preserved semen could be stored in hime fridge
Prometea unbound
Adult stem cell promise may be deceptive
Rescuing stem cells beats alternatives
This Isn't About Cloning
Sex of embryos is indistinguishable
Find cure for ideology
Developmental biology
Stem cell research to advance to clinical trials
DNA "nanocircles" to probe the mystery of aging
Biomed bill draws praise, concern
The troubled hunt for the ultimate cell
Frozen Sperm, Fresh Sperm Equally Effective in IVF Treatments, Study Says
Stem cell report reveals legal maze
Mice Created With 2 Genetic Moms, No Dad
A Jewish perspective on brave new world of cloning
Restore hair, restore hearing - One local doctor is trying to reverse deafness by using stem cells to grow new hair in the inner ear
FDA Warns Universities Over Studies Involving Transgenic Animals
Lawmakers Weigh Human Organism Patent Ban
Parliament backs stem cell research
Stem Cells Coaxed Into Sperm - New procedure may someday aid in treating male infertility
Stem cells give heart to patients
Fat stem cells heal broken skulls
Merck and Partner Form Alliance to Develop Drugs Based on RNA
Stem Cells Coaxed Into Diabetes Treatment Finding Could Mean New Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes
Developmental reprogramming: take a cell, any cell...
Sexual Identity Hard-Wired by Genetics
Should "Moral Vertigo" Make Biotech Fall Over? How disgust for the new rapidly turns to acceptance
The human body shop
First animal cloning seminar to open in Viet Nam
gene mutation predicts outcome for lung cancer patients
The Privatization of Stem Cells
The biotech century: harnessing the gene and remaking the world
NIH chief would ask Bush to reconsider stem-cell ban if needed
Researchers Discover Female Mice Continue To Produce Eggs Into Adulthood - Findings Could Have Human Fertility Implications
Senate passes bill to House on human cloning ban
Baby Boy Born from Sperm Frozen Record 21 Years
Cloned cows are engineered for faster cheese production
Something new in mind. The idea of repairing brains with nerve cells from fetuses is old and controversial. Novel technologies threaten to make it redundant
UF builds upon adult stem-cell progress
Multiple choice: Fertility treatments deliver a baby boom with risks
Liberation biology. Scientist Lee M. Silver on cloning wars, bioethical battles, and new and improved genes
Amendment to Spending Bill Would Ban Patents on a 'Human Organism'
Genetic Discrimination: Time to Act
California Flashes a Green Light
President Bush's Stance on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Has Not Changed, Laura Bush Says
Researchers Reveal Early Steps In Clone Development
Bioethics Panel Nudges Lawmakers
Mouse Created from Two Moms - Technique provides insight into why mammals don't have "virgin births"
Majority of New Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Created Outside United States, Boston Globe Survey Says
Human cloning "flawed". Human cloning may never be possible because of a quirk of biology
Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Conducts World's First Study of Adult Stem Cell Reimplantation ...
India can become stem cell research hub
Stem cells migrate from bone to brain
Storm over Mexican cloning ban
A 500,000-person study? Gene-environment interactions would be focus of NIH-led effort
The Altered Human Is Already Here
Scientists' search for immortality begins at the cell
Using the brain to defeat its own worst enemies
Regulating reproductive technologies: panacea or paper tiger?
Government introduces Legislation on Assisted Human Reproduction including the creation of a Regulatory Agency
UK survey shows public confusion about human genetic research
MRC proposes creation of stem cell bank
Silence of the clones
Effort to clone humans amplifies talk of ban
After the Double Helix: Unraveling the Mysteries of the State of Being
Upholding norms
NZ scientists seek right to take human embryos
Stem Cells Can Convert To Liver Tissue, Help Restore Damaged Organ
Study shows problems in cloning people. Researchers find replicating primates is harder than for other mammals
Embryo research go-ahead in weeks
Investigation claims clones are completely normal
Bullish Hopes for Serial Cloning
Gene-mappers take new aim at diseases
Nietzchean endgame. Self-enhancement and "immense wars of the spirit"
Shaping the Fate of Stem Cells - Highlights From the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology; December 13-17, 2003; San Francisco, California
Delaware Committee Postpones Vote on Dangerous Human Cloning Bill
Are Stem Cells Babies? Only if every other human cell is, too
"Handmade" cloning cheal and easy
Millions in grants for embryo stem cell research
Researchers find adult stem cells in skin
Ancient gene takes grroming in hand
Human-cloning debate goes global. New UN committee takes up ethics of "acute" issue
Chinese Scientists Report Advance in Stem-Cell Work
'Panning for Gold' in the Maize Genome. New approaches yield gene-rich regions, accelerate sequencing
Brownback pushes his anticloning bill
Thawed Ovary Tissue Yields Healthy Embryo
Japanese team makes stem cells
Doctors Screen Couple's Embryos to Weed Out Cancer
Who deserves to live?
Greater potential of adult stem cells revealed
Institute gets licence to create stem cells
Regulating human cloning. A report of the workshop help March 11, 2003 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Gov. Davis Signs Bills On Stem Cell Research
Stem cells and the future of regenerative medine
Scientist plea on 'waste' embryos
Stem Cell Procedure Mixes New, Old Ways
Wake-Up America
Adult stem cells produce treatment breakthroughs
Single IVF babies face greater risk of premature birth
Federal Agency Proposes Revised Regulations on Research-Misconduct Investigations
Hawaii Researcher Fertilizes Rabbit Eggs
A tale of two-hybrid. An early shot at the yeast proteome shows the good, the bad, and the questionable
The human embryo research debates: bioethics in the vortex of controversy
Japan on Friday approved its first medical research project using domestically created human embryo stem cells
Council washes its hands of embryonic stem cell research debate
Redesigning humans: our inevitable genetic future
Homegrown embryonic stem cells in offing. Hurdles ahead but scientists see medical, property rights benefits
Banned "designer baby" is born in UK
Attack of the clones ... and the issues of clones
GM sperm "is possible in humans"
Therapeutic cloning "proof of principle"
Stem Cells Reduce Hypertension in Rats
Seoul puts clamp on stem cell work
In 95-0 Vote, Senate Passes Bill Barring Genetic Discrimination
Scientists created a new kind of mouse - Making of mouse marks move toward 'mitochondrial medicine'
Chinese 'first' in world race on cloning. New technique's reported success underlines ban problems
Stem cells offer hope in neurodegenerative disease
"Sperm" Produced from Stem Cells
Enough: staying human in an engineered age
Human cloning laws readied. Senate committee OK's legislation
Penny makes healthy choice for future
Stem cell bill makes N.J. leader - But critics say measure goes too far, opening the door for human cloning
Use of foetal eggs grotesque, say campaigners
The wisdom of repugnance
Couple can't grow baby to provide blood
Stop the cloning
Embryonic stem cell-based tissue engineering may help repair damaged heart muscle
New Jersey Project to Promote Stem Cell Research
MEPs vote for stem cell ban
Ballot issue would make California stem-cell hub
Cord blood banking industry flourishes amid controversy
Playing God. Eggs from foetuses, artificial wombs, dead men's sperm - it's not only the religious right who object to such 'advances'
Bone marrow-derived stem cells active in pulmonary fibrosis
South Korean Extraction of Stem Cells From Cloned Embryo Illustrates Country's Role in Cloning Research
Bouncing banteng born to Iowa cow
Six couples seek 'ethical' designer babies
Chip could create mass-produced clones
It's Alive! The 200-year conversation over biotechnology
Canadian Parliament Will Take Up Human Cloning Bill Again
U.N. Delays Debate on Cloning of Human Beings for One Year
Tagged for death
New FDA Tissue Transplant Rules Require STD Testing for Sperm, Egg Donation
Scientists welcome billionaire's brain project
Blood breakthrough for embryonic stem cells
Dolly's legacy. Nuclear transfer - used to clone Dolly and now owned by Geron - may help scientists develop more potent stem-cell therapies
First rats cloned
Faulty control gene underlies retardation
Stem Cells May Not Mend Heart
Blood-forming stem cells fail to repair heart muscle
Woman gives birth to her own grandchildren
Commercial Application of Embryo Cloning Due Within 10 Years
Scientists hit out at creator of 'she-males'
Babies Born in Experiment have Genes from 3 People
Cloning Gets Closer
DHEA accelerates growth rate of human neural stem cells
Commodification and commercialization in human embryo research: the absence of national standards sets the United States apart from other western nations
Scientists find "wild card" stem cells in bone marrow
Stem cell funding ban debated. European Commission consults on human embryonic stem cell funding.
Human Cloning Success Sparks Heated Debate
Mending a broken heart
U.S. Government Funds Controversial Stem Cell Work
Cloning can't be stopped.
Mice may provide human sperm bank
Singapore drafts bill to regulate human stem cell research
South Dakota House Committee Approves Bill That Would Ban All Human Cloning
New limit on IVF embryos will cut multiple births
Scientists Replace Stem Cell Gene
Animal rights extremists "halting life saving drugs"
Swedish government moves to allow cloning of human embryos
Cloning potential justifies research
Fury over call for selective breeding
Small Stem Cells Find Big Backers - Some deep-pocketed drugmakers are dipping their toes into the field of stem cell research
Regulate Fertility Experiments, Group Advises
Unnatural Selection
Why Cloning Didn't Happen in U.S.
States race to lead stem-cell research - New Jersey governor plans to spend $6.5 million a year over the next 5 years, California hopes for $300 million a year
Critics blast 'premature' paper on adult stem cells
Geron To Request FDA Approval To Study Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries
Louisiana House Amends Cloning Ban Bill To Allow Human Cloning for Research Purpose - Sponsor Withdraws Bill
Mouse made by two mothers raises questions
Britain says global cloning ban would wreck research. Reid seeks to convince US of need for stem-cell experiments
Study Shows IVF Multiple Births Declining
Health Official Says Stem Cell Rules Do Not Hamper Research
Cloned monkey embryos are a "gallery of horrors"
After the mavericks and cults, this cloning could mark a turning point
Merchants of Immortality: Chasing the Dream of Human Life Extension. By Stephen S. Hall. Houghton Mifflin: 2003
Stemming the tide - Stem cells may be what makes cancers tough to treat
UN legal committee chairman looks to solve battling views on cloning
Cloning, it's not
Europe Dithers Over Regulations for Stem-Cell Research
Prenatal genetic screening urged for all mums-to-be
Stem-cell research approved - with conditions
New Chinese rules permit cloning for research
Stem Cell Research Not Yet Booming. Some Scientists Blame Political Controversy
Cell transplant restores vision. A blind man can see again after being given a stem cell transplant
Human-cloning claim creates controversy
Triplets show potential of frozen embryos - Before they were born, an Orlando couple's children spent 12 years suspended in time
Who's afraid of human cloning?
Abducting The Cloning Debate
Men redundant? Now we don't need women either
IVF watchdog in turmoil as chief executive sacked
Massachusetts Joint Committee on Health Care Approves Bill That Would Support Stem Cell Research in State
Copy Cats or Luxury Pets? Report fuels ethical questions over animal cloning research
Inflated Promise, Distorted Facts - As senators make moves, a walk through the stem-cell fray
UK hybrid loophole exposed - Regulator seeks government clarification on licensing human-animal hybrid experiments
Stem Cells, Redux
Face Off - Titans Of Cloning
Local legislators make a difference - Stem cell research passes by slim margin
Regulations not keeping up with developments in genetics, says poll
Politics of Cloning Leave Both Sides Stymied
Company Says It Mapped Genes of Virus in One Day
The uncloned states of American?
Genetic Code of sewer rat deciphered by UK and US scientists
Cloning success in S Korea could influence discussions in Japan
The future is now, II
Stem cell compromise - Euro Parliament adopts tissue and cell law without a ban use of cloned cells
There's No Monkeying Around With Cloning
Defining a new ethical standard for human in vitro embryos in the context of stem cell research
U.K. Further Restricts Embryo Implants
Hope for the future?
Medical and Ethical Issues Cloud Plans to Clone for Therapy
New kid on the block
The stem cell-cloning plot thickens. Ethical challenges get cloudy with the entrance of parthenogenesis
Bush Letter Sees Promise of Stem Cells
Health Ministry nods in human cloning
Recipe for hearing cells. Cochlear hair cells can be produced by controlled differentiation of embryonic stem cells
Healthy babies for disease carriers
Designer mice make heart-friendly nutrients - Genetic advance could put healthier eggs and meat on supermarket shelves
China announces cloning of endangered Siberian ibex
Welcome to the age of cloning - After the South Korean breakthrough on human cloning, will the ethics be able to catch up with the science?
Senate panel revives ban on therapeutic cloning
U.S. at standstill over cloning debate
IVF clinics told to limit embryo implants to curb multiple births
Will it be a girl or a boy? This man can give you whatever you want
First human clone embryo ready for implantation
Dazzled by the science. Biologists who dress up hi-tech eugenics as a new art form are dangerously deluded
Washington Post Examines Money-Back Guarantees, Warranties for Couples Undergoing IVF
Cloning opponents win House battle - But softer version of ban is still alive
cloning: ethics and public policy
Euro MPs vote against stem cell research. Decision could see use of embryonic stem cells barred across Europe
Italian Debate on Fertility Bill Raises Issue of Church Influence
Frozen IVF embryos linked to ectopic pregnancy
Japan - Experts split over genetic diagnosis technique
The Meaning of 'Human' in Embryonic Research
Print media coverage of genetic research surprisingly unhyped, study shows
Dilemma over stem cells
Anti-cloning bill still being delayed
Cloned Cells Repair Mouse Hearts
First genome-scale computational model of gene regulation
Scientists coax neurons from bone maroow stem cells
Ban on UK "designer baby" reversed
High court ban on 'designer babies' overturned
Clones contain hidden DNA damage
Commons anti-cloning bill likely to stumble because of pro-life MPs
Testing Yields IVF Babies Fit to Give Stem Cells
Crafting a cloning policy: from Dolly to stem cells
Baby battle over
Stem cell research faces FDA hurdle; with mouse cell base, tough rules apply
Talks on global cloning ban suspended
Embryos to be destroyed should be used in research
Human stem cell licences awarded
Less restrictive laws credited for research advances
Man and superman. Biotechnology could transform humanity - provided humanity wishes to be transformed
NHS to fund 'designer baby' bid
Bush's bioethics advisory panel recommends a moratorium, not a ban, on cloning research
Bank for Human Stem Cells Starts Ethics Debate in Spain
Human cloning: Your views
US stem cell researchers chafe - NIH Chief Zerhouni's comments on adequacy of available lines questioned
ALL to Congress: Embryonic Stem Cell Research is Unethical
Cloning Resets Cellular Clock - Discovery of normal telomere length in cloned embryos important for stem cell therapy
California Backs New Stem Cell Research Measures
Cancer gene test first
German Ethics Panel Allows Restricted Embryo Testing
Beware the Celebrity Bioethicist
Ownership and identity. The drive to manipulate DNA has changed the economic and the law
Stem-cell bill opposition surprises sponsor
California law permits stem cell research
Man and superman. Biotechnology could transform humanity - provided humanity wishes to be transformed
In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes Improve in U.S.
Australia ahead in stem cell research
Dolly scientist optimistic about stem cell ruling
Minnesota Senate Committee Approves Bill That Would Authorize, Regulate Embryonic Stem Cell Research
MPs hit at fertility watchdog over designer baby
The first human cloned embryo.
Stem Cell Studies 'Useful', Cloning Humans 'Foolish'
Forscher in der Rolle der Schurken - Das südkoreanische Klonexperiment - ein Lehrstück bioethischen Debattierens
Comparing Genomes Shows Split Between Chimps and People
Scientist plea on 'waste' embryos
New Jersey Governor Expected To Include $6.5M for Stem Cell Research Institute in Budget Proposal
EU Fails To Agree On Funding New Stem Cell Research
Most clones doomed from the start, according to Temple University embryologist
"She-male" embryos created in lab
Human cloning bill approved
Human embryos created for cell harvest
Send in the clones
Immune cells grown in a dish - Lab-made T cells could deliver better cancer and HIV therapy
Bioethics Council's Suggestions May Break Cloning Deadlock
Will He Measure Up? Growth hormone can help short kidsÑbut raises ethical questions about risks
Controversial three-parent pregnancy revealed
Bone marrow cells can build new muscle
GU to Continue Controversial Research. Use of Aborted Fetal Cells Prompts Probe at Catholic Institution
Pros and Cons Seen with Broader Newborn Screening
Texas researchers succeed in cloning a white-tailed deer
Cloning studied as means to block mad-cow
Experts call for curbs on human cloning in China
Genomics: Six is seventh
Vatican Condemns Fertility Treatments
Cloning opens doors into new frontiers - Process could help unravel mysteries of cancer in humans
Monkey eggs could offer medical cloning option
Go-ahead for UK stem cell research
Human reproductive cloning "currently impossible"
Jamie's legacy - Look again at law on designer babies
Stem cell transplants of no benefit for breast cancer patients
The case against federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research
Ten babies born via new IVF technique. Embryo screening procedure offers hope to childless women
Stem cell research is slowed by restrictions, scientists say
How a mouse is taking man to new frontiers in medical research. Shared genes give scientists simple guidebook to human DNA
Cloning discovery may kill ethical objection
Ethical issues in human stem cell research: Rockville (MD)
Gene for manic depression. US scientists have identified a gene mutation that causes manic depression in as many as one in 10 patients
Keeping Snoops Out of Your Genes - Safeguarding your DNA is a huge 21st century privacy issue, says author George Annas. So why is the government sitting on its hands?
Researchers Open First-Ever Stem Cell Bank in England - Bank Will Provide Cells to Researchers Worldwide
Researchers Use Chromosomes From Two Female Mice To Create Viable Offspring
Ethics & Science: Pushing back the frontiers
Human embryonic stem cell research begins in UK
The Triumph of Hope Over Science
Parents should have the right to choose the sex of their children
Human reproduction bill clears Senate hurdle
IVF technique may increase birth abnormalities
Researchers Get Stem Cells From Frozen Embryos
Human cloning: new hope, new implications, new challenges
Stem cell research ban may harm biotech industry
Hooray for desiner babies! Sliding gently down the slippery slope to prevent genetic diseases
Engineers consider ethics. New technologies melding biology with machines create new dilemmas
Researcher: Inhospitable climate chasing away stem cell research firms
Lab Creates Babies As Stem-Cell Donors
U.S. rule on stem cell studies lets researcher use new lines
Effort to outlaw cloning of human cells stalls in House
EU embryo research ban rejected
Shape Shifts Stem Cell Fate - More powerful than other influences, shape-related signals could improve regenerative treatments
Embryonic stem cells may hold the key to regenerating damaged heart muscle
Unreasonable Fears, Slippery Slopes, and Unnecessary Legislation
Stem Cell Treatment Repairs Rat Spinal Cord Damage
Group seeks state funds for stem cell research
The Stem Cell Refugee
Senate committee passes bill backing stem-cell research
NIH: Few Stem Cell Colonies Likely Available for Research Of Approved Lines, Many Are Failing
EU votes on stem cells fail to solve problem
Stem cells yield promising results
Is the world ready for a man-mouse? Researchers see uses for hybrids
MSU professor to talk to United Nations about therapeutic stem cell cloning
Profiling The Genes That Make Stem Cells
Stem-cell advocates want vote on funds for research
US and other delegates want a treaty to cover all forms of human cloning. UN clone talks bog down
Leon Kass, philosopher-politician
The clone age: adventures in the new world of reproductive cloning
States are wrestling with stem-cell issues - Legislators debate whether to fund, prohibit research
Bioethics Panel Recommends Limits on Assisted Fertility
Cloning human beings. Religious perspectives on human cloning
Study: humans not for cloning
Discovery unlocking the secrets of leukemia by a Canadian Cancer Society researcher
New Institute Targets Stem Cells. Embryo Research at Stanford Could Lead to Human Cloning
US science policy: Mission impossible?
European Union: At Odds Again Over Stem Cells
U.S.-Banned Fertility Method Tried in China. Woman Became Pregnant Through Egg Transfer Technique but Lost All Three Fetuses
Ethical issues in human cloning: cross-disciplinary perspectives
Human embryos cloned - South Korean team demonstrates cloning efficiency for humans similar to pigs, cattle
Foetuses had three genetic parents
Powerful stem cells harnessed to search for cancer metastasis
Looser Rules for Stem Cells Sought - House Members Petition President
Researchers hail skin cancer "vaccine"
Checking imbalance in gender ratio
Jacques Chirac souligne l'urgence d'un code universel de bioŽthique
Embryos in limbo - Deciding fate of unused embryos stirs controversy
Embryo research complex considered by South Korean Ministry
Stem cells from embryo created without sperm
California firm takes lead in dog cloning
End of infertility within a decade, say doctors
Cord Blood Banking Industry Flourishes
Missouri Human Cloning Ban Stuck After Lt. Gov Candidate Waffles
EU to Fund Stem Cell Research Despite Ethics Split
Scientists To Urge U.N. Delegates To Allow Stem Cell Research, Ban Human Cloning Under Treaty
Hollywood takes a look at cloning -- and opens up a can of worms
Spain's first repository for stem cells opens
Stem Cells May One Day Treat Hearing Problems
When exactly does life begin?
Cloning patient's own cells may cure Parkinson's
State of Cloning - An unprecedented law in New Jersey
Danes begin stem cell work. Cloning still banned, but brain conditions first focus for embryonic cell studies
Arab states consider total ban on human cloning
The Ethics of Sex-Selection: A View from Britain
Embryonic stem cells induced to develop into bone marrow and blood cells
Public Acceptance for Genetic Technology Raises Questions
Italy faces strict embryo rules. Legislation under debate would be terrible for Italian research, scientists say
A new call for cloning policy.Group says patent would apply to human embryos
Hatch to suppprt bill allowing stem cell study
Spain to allow human embryo research - Cabinet approves law reforms to allow use of frozen embryos to establish stem cell lines
Ovaries may lay new eggs - Possible stem cells in ovaries prompt fertility boosting ideas
Regulating human cloning
Designer baby gets go-ahead
Consumer conception
California Legislature Considers Bill To Grant Inheritance Rights to Offspring Conceived Using Sperm, Egg Donated by Dead Parent
Longevity gene identified. PNC1 is necessary and sufficient for increasing lifespan in calorie-restricted yeasts
A leap forward in medical study
Therapeutic cloning used to repair immune system
Winston slams 'IVF experimentation'
Transgenic Animals Produced Using Cultured Sperm. Study Opens New Possibilities for Biological Research, Gene Therapy
A milestone for human cell science, a new headache for ethicists
Adult clones in sudden death shock. Pig fatalities highlight cloning dangers
Bush's ban on stem cells puts country at risk
Stem cell line list gets sceptical reception
EU Ministers Postpone Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding Decision
cloning and the future of human embryo research
Big Medical Research Prize Goes to 2 Pioneers in Genetics Work
Gene linked to poorer memory
Bizarre unveiling of 'cloning milestone'
Dads deliver more than just DNA
Michigan Legislation Would Ban Selling Human Embryos for Profit
NIH presents new research 'roadmap'
A Ruse Awakening on the Web - Realistic Sites Are Being Created as Marketing Ploys
'Virgin birth' mammal rewrites rules of biology - A mammal that is the daughter of two female parents has been created for the first time
Adult stem cells put to the test
Genes Mark Potent Stem Cells
Cord Blood Stem Cells Save Children With Hurler's Syndrome
A secular argument against research cloning
British public will rule on fertility advances
Scientists call for international ban on human cloning
Fear over 'lab-grown' embryos
Pharmaceutical Industry to Address Potential of Stem Cells to Treat Neurodegenerative and Other Diseases
Chirac urges global ethics law. French president says international convention needed to address bioethics
Baby doctor reveals cloned human embryo
Bush Policy on Human Stem Cells Faces New Challenges
When new science ignites a firestorm
Dolly team to seek cloning OK - Roslin Institute will seek a license for human cell nuclear transfer
Stem cell therapy to treat brain cancer
2 Friends, 242 Eggs and a Breakthrough
Nothing wrong with a little frankenstein
Tally of human genes challenged - estimate may be higher then Genome Project predicted, study says
Man-Made Bugs: Panacea -- or Pandora's Box?
Human gene on/off switches to be mapped
GloFish casts light on murky policing of transgenic animals
Louisiana Delays Hearing on Stem Cell Research
The ethics of boosting brain power
Attack of the Movie Clones
Body parts - Thanks to American science you really can cheat death - or bits of you can. And at a price, of course
Spanish lawmakers clash over control of stem-cell research
Biologist's work may alter conventional view of how embryos develop
Attack of the Cloned Rats
Children of the revolution
China set to become a 'major force' in science
Percentage of IVF Pregnancies With Three or More Fetuses Declining, Twin Pregnancies Remain Steady, Study Says
Stem Cells Help Attack Cancer in Mice
Human clone maverick plans UK clinic for choosing sex of baby
South Korea bans all human cloning
US researchers losing edge in stem cell work
Thumbs up for stem cell bank - Scientists applaud UK's 'superb' facilities but hope approval process speeds
Chimp genome released - NHGRI-led project aligns sequence with human genome to make comparisons easier
Researchers define mechanism that enables stem cells to track migrating brain tumor cells
Baby steps - New work shows the promise, and pitfalls, of embryonic-stem-cell research
Spanish stem cell battle. Regional and national health ministries fight over plans for embryonic cell bank
Research to use adult stem cells for diabetes cure - NUS and SCTi hope to raise $10m to fund the research
Knesset imposes permanent ban on human cloning
Human-ready Stem Cell Lines in Development
Frozen embryos: higher ectopic pregnancies
The Future of Research and Regulation for Infertility Treatments
Scientist Claims Cloning, Implanting Human Embryo
Procreation, DS Rallies to Change Law
Donating frozen embryos to science poses moral dilemma
Ban on scientists trying to create three-parent baby
California: Stem Cell Research Could be ballot issue>
Health Ministry bill will allow cloning for stem cell research. Israel's nay vote at UN on controversial issue contradicted domestic policy
Precaution versus principles
Scientists' fear over embryo cell implants
Cloning: for and against
Crossing Lines
Scientists wary of Bush politics - Colorado researchers say stem cell, other work is hampered
FDA seeks rigorous review of new fertility treatments
Infertility 'could be wiped out'
The human cloning debate
Special section on human genetics: The rough guide to the genome
Gene deserts bear fruit. Regulatory elements identified in noncoding genomic sequences
BioE, University of Southern California Collaborate to Develop Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Stem cell research may be thwarted by lack of embryos, study suggests
Nomadic Outposts Of Transplanted Stem Cells Tracked In Stanford Study
Researchers link mutant gene to obsessive compulsive disorder: study
Gains in understanding human cells
Cloning around. Human cloning is the stuff og fantasy, but a group of maverick scientists wants to make it real
Crossing Ethical Borders; Human Cloning Marches On, Without U.S. Help
Hello Kitty or Frankenpet?
Fertility treatment funding criticised
Babies born from 12-year-old embryos
Legislature is threatening climate for biotechnology, backers charge
Children treated with stem cells
Human cloning ban sidetracked
Nancy Reagan's compromise
Our Cloning Policy, Hostage to a Stalemate
400,000 embryos and counting
MEP's report seeks tougher restrictions on stem cell research than Commission proposals
Stem cell therapy: the ethical issues. A discussion paper
Enzyme role found for aging gene
Britain Considers Proposal To Genetically Screen Babies
Pancreas Holds Potent Stem Cells - Appear to be as powerful as those from embryos
Genome project completed
Problems seen using stem cells for heart disease
Senate backs ban on human cloning
Just Treat, or Enhance?
Stem-cell work under threat
Transplanted Stem Cells Do Their Job, New Approach to Epilepsy-Therapy
Ethics accusations spark rapid reaction from NIH chief
First cloned human embryos created
Singpore seeks world opinion on stem cell research as Biopolis opens
The God Effect - America's religious conservatives aren't the only ones who object to science on spiritual grounds - so do Europe's Greens. The big winner is Asia
EU cash plans put on hold
Stem cells Illuminate Early Stages Of Human Development
Study Suggests Ovaries Can Be Recharged
Stem cells: federal funding failure
Scientific brutality. Aldous Huxley's bleak vision
Chickens offer medical production line in eggs
New Status For Embryos In Research
A Bad Investment
Japan Doctors, Patients Sue Organization
MPs ban human cloning. Bill outlaws for-profit surrogacy, payment for eggs
The Scientists Speak: No Human Cloning
Chimps are not like humans - Whole-chromosome comparison reveals much greater genetic differences than expected
Uncovering a genome's regulatory circuitry
Cryopreserved embryos in the United States and their availability for research
What is Enlightment?
Long-term storage linked to gene abnormalities in IVF embryos
Genetic screening is here to stay. So it's time we got used to it and began to appreciate the benefits
Call for debate over 'designer baby' laws
Jumping genes make "designer" animals easy
In Defense of Nature, Human and Non-Human
New Stem Cells Created for Research - Harvard Scientist Will Make 17 New "Lines" Available
Few couples willing to donate embryos
The Wild West: inadequate regulation of assisted reproductive technology
Italy OKs Tough new rules on Assisted Fertility
South Korea a hotbed of cloning research
South Korea to ban human cloning
Gene secrets of mice and men revealed
Mom's eggs execute dad's mitochondria
Government must take moral stand in stem-cell research vote
Illinois Legislature Close to Approving Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Geneticists Seek Obesity Clues on Islands
Stem-cell studies are proceeding
Secrets of the human body give themselves up in Seoul
Stem-Cell Bond to Be on California Ballot
Delete huge chunks of the genome of mice without it making any discernable difference to the animals
The human cloning prohibition Act: did Congress go too far?
Politics of Stem-Cell Bioethics Heats Up as Bush Fires Advisers
Dollywood is not just a them park in Tennessee anymore: unwarranted prohibitory human cloning legislation and policy guidelines for a regulatory approach to cloning
EU again rejects end to biotech ban
Canada House Backs Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Major Breakthrough In Embryo Stem Cell Research
Travaglini plans to push stem cell research. Effort is bid to boost industry, retain firms
Gene plays major role in formation of stem cells and cancer
Birth defects doubled in children conceived by IVF
'Bad ethics' or only hope? Controversy over breeding babies to save siblings - U.S. families use stem cells to fight cancer in children
Stem Cell Politics
Human cloning "safer" than animal cloning
Clinics hild more embryos than had been thought
Cord Blood Cells Proven to Differentiate Into Heart Muscle and Brain Cells
Britain Opens National Stem-Cell Bank
The designer baby myth
Bioethics and Reproduction
Anti-Cloning disinformation? Desperate opponents try to frighten lawmakers with bogus scares
Putting God on notice. Ready or not, we're taking control of our evolution. Gulp
Rat genome unveiled - Deciphered DNA will boost medical research
Cloning: Huckster or Hero? Michael West's optimistic predictions and unorthodox approach to promoting Advanced Cell Technology have tripped him up
Delaware State Senator Withdraws Bill That Would Have Banned Reproductive Cloning, Allowed Research Cloning
Cloning compromise - Don't ban use of embryonic stem cells for research into treating disease
Cell breakthrough
Leon Kass Learns to Spin - Sage of bioethics wants you to think he knows nothing
Senators Ask Bush to Change on Stem Cell Policy
U.S. Plans New Anti-Cloning Push at U.N.
UN delays cloning vote. Choice between total and partial bans on human embryo cloning put off for 2 years
'Godsend' no blessing for cloning research - Hollywood clunker spreads fear and misinformation
Interview with a humanoid
Woman Delivers Live Infant After Undergoing IVF Using Sperm Frozen for 21 Years
Freeze-dried Stem Cells Closer - Cryopreservation technique improves storage for research and treatments
Cloned cows produce human antibodies
Sensible Restrictions - There are several good reasons to regulate biotechnologies
A star is born. The Drosophila sequence supplied new understandings of human homologs and found fans far and wide
Researchers: Stem Cells May Cure Baldness
It's life, but not as God planned it - Attempts to create synthetic life in a laboratory are no longer science fiction
Scientists trying to manufacture organs for transplant
Scientific and medical aspects of human reproductive cloning
Church Leaders Divided Over When Life Begins
Embryo screened for Alzheimer's
Dolly and Madison
Stem cells can end infertility, say IVF pioneers
Preventing a brave new world
US Army backs Swedish cell study
Stem cell "master gene" found. Ability to manipulate it may aid therapy
Supreme Court rules embryos must be stored indefinitely
Meet the cloned cash cow - coming soon to a farmyard near you
Mouse Hair Research Offers Hope for Baldness Cure
Congratulations! It's A (Insert Choice)!
Of mice and men
Scientists claim cloning success. Fabricated kidneys implanted in cow
Do stem cells' flaws hold clues to cures? 12 new lines carry mutations associated with 7 genetic diseases
Reeve: Politics delaying spinal-injury research
Brain development gene identified
Experimenting with Human Fertility
My little brother on drugs - A point/counterpoint on hGH treatment
Reason as Our Guide
Scientific Team Puts Together a Rough Draft of a Dog Genome
Stem cells help heart patients
Cloning and the law. Will therapeutic cloning end up being against the law?
... Are Women Necessary?
Cloned Human Embryos Yield Stem Cells
Economics enters debate on cloning - Research ban could cost state, some say
Genetically modified virus targets selfish cancer cells
Ultimate stem cell discovered
Research at the New York Blood Center Convinces Congress to Provide Inventory of Cord Blood Stem Cell Units for Transplant Patients
Parents with sick children create siblings as tissue donors
A Fitting Tribute to Mr. Reagan
Grow-your-own to replace false teeth
Stem cell research bill advances
'Clone Research' Funding Vote Stirs Debate
Kits Claim to Help You Choose Baby's Sex
Scientists lobby the UN to ban cloning
Prospect of babies from unborn mothers
Drugs Tested on Human Embryos to Carry Warning Labels
Laicism and Cloning Are French Primate's Key Concerns
Gene linked to alcoholism
Clinic in US isolates 50 lines of stem cells
Problems Seen Using Stem Cells for Heart Disease
Public trust and the genetic revolution
Cloning by Koreans Stirs Washington Over Research Is sue
Cloners create world's first copy-cat
Gene enhances prefrontal function at a price
MEPs divided by stem cell controversy
New Stem-Cell Findings Could Help Cancer Patients
The Bad Seed - Rare stem cells appear to drive cancers
No consensus on stem cells
Commercial Application of Embryo Cloning Due Within 10 Years: Hwang
Stem-Cell Rebels - The battle over a controversial line of medical research resurfaces as states strike out on their own
South Korean scientists cultured lens epithelial cells (LECs) into lens fibers
The future of the abortion debate
More Stubborn Facts - Are embryos people?
Cord Blood Stem Cells Treat Fatal Disease - Beat bone marrow for kids with Hurler's syndrome
Synthetic Life - Biologists are crafting libraries of interchangeable DNA parts and assembling them inside microbes to create programmable, living machines
U.S. Government Signals No Change on Stem Cells
Researchers Design and Build First Artificial Protein
Human embryos could provide stem cells for Parkinson's and liver disease
"Digital organisms" illuminate evolution
IVF couples can pick embryos' destiny
Stem cell strides test Bush policy
NHS to Fund "Saviour Sibling" Attempt
Doctors Group Calls on Families to Consider embryo adoption
Therapeutic cloning may be banned in Brazil
Are we killing the weak to heal the sick? federally funded embryonic stem cell research
Lawmakers Call for U.S. Human Cloning Ban Following South Korean Extraction of Stem Cells from Cloned Embryo
Italy's senate passes controversial fertility bill
Aborted fetuses could become "unborn mothers"
Race belongs in the stem cell debate
The Politics of Bioethics: Playing defense isn't enough
Couples "should create embryos for experiment"
RNA is not only a tape, but a shape
What is there to fear from something so small?
Feeder-free system for maintaining pluripotency in embryonic stem cells pioneered. Molecule developed from marine mollusk overcomes risks of current methods
Cloning in New Jersey - New Jersey Assembly Bill 2840 looks to be the most radical human cloning measure ever put into law. It should be stopped
Healing potential found in transformed fat cells
Effort to Ban Human Cloning Will Resume Bush Administration, Allies Will Pursue U.N. Vote Despite Diplomatic Setback
The human genome - one year later. Or, how hundreds of authors fit 3 billion letters into 40,000 words
Researchers in Italy produce a mouse that can regenerate its tissues
Maverick in new cloning controversy. Italian scientist claims that secretive global network has created the world's first cloned human embryos
Embryonic stem cells turned into eggs
Updating Title to University Of Minnesota Plans Human-Embryo Research
Stem cell research not yet booming
Sperm donors could veto pregnancy
Broad movement is backing embryo stem cell research
Cats, cows cloned, but primates still elusive
The clone wars: the growing debate over federal cloning legislation
The cutting blob of ethical politics
Merchants of Immortality: Chasing the Dream of Human Life Extension.
Proposed Bill On Banned Practices Human cloning: five years' jail 'sufficient' - Health Ministry says Act aims to punish offenders for actions taken many steps before cloning attempt
Chinese Doctors Nurture In-vitro Embryonic Human Heart at Day 35
Working kidney grown in mouse
Stem Cell Source
A 'Full Range' of Bioethical Views Just Got Narrower
Designer babies. Human cloning is a long way off, but bioengineered kids are already here
Column:Cloning dangerous, but helpful
Where is biotechnology taking the law? An overview of assisted reproductive technology, research on frozen embryos and human cloning
UN anti-cloning treaty seen heading for collapse
Smart drugs: leukemia treatments nearing prime time
Chemical that turns mouse stem cells into heart muscles discovered by Scripps researchers
Latest Nanobiotechnology report
Study Finds Gene Linked to Liver Cancer in Mice
Life goes on without 'vital' DNA
Scientists grow heart cells from embryonic stem cells
Heart therapy raises hopes and concerns - Experimental treatment with blood stem cells causes complications
Respecting what we destroy
Closing in on Human Cloning - The federal government is funding research in primate cloning technology. Why?
An Ethical defence of federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research
Stem cell success: mice fule debate on embryo cloning
Bioethics Panel Calls for Ban on Radical Reproductive Procedures
Findings deepen debate on using embryonic cells
Cloned pigs die of heart attacks
Experts Link Gene Mutation to Evolution
Mouse Stem Cells Grow Into Eggs
Technique That Increases Fetal DNA in Maternal Blood Samples Could Improve Screening for Fetal Abnormalities, Study Says
Norwegian government has proposed to outlaw all research involving human embryonic stem cells
Scientists prepare for stem cell experiments under eye of cloning police
Shimmering Chimeras. Moving sheepishly toward the biotech future
Life script: how the human genome discoveries will transform medicine and enhance your health
Germany To Host International Cloning Ban Conference
Ky. Doctor Says Cloning Attempt Failed
NZ scientists looking at potential to "repair" heart muscles
Why we need clear rules for embryo research
Transplant: From Myth to Reality by Dr. Nicholas L. Tilney. Yale University Press; Breathing for a Living: A Memoir by Laura Rothenberg. Hyperion
Prenatal stem cells open door to transplants
Rethink restrictions: Stem cell research funding needs to be expanded
Bone marrow stem cells help mend broken hearts - Human trials yield promising results
The transhumanists
Liberty, identity and human cloning
Pentagon Bankrolls Swedish Stem Cell Study

N.J. 'cloning' bill likely to reignite national debate
Stem-cell line developed without embryo
The Roslin Institute, home of Dolly the sheep, is turning its attention to humans
India forges ahead with stem cells for eye repair
US scientists tempted by UK cloning laws
Texas A&M on cloning's cutting edge
Human cells cloned: babies next?
As stem cell research faces attacks, regenerative medicine heats up
Heart, stem-cell transplants save a life - John Russell received a new heart in 2002, then underwent a stem-cell transplant to treat the disease that initially had ravaged his heart
Stem cells can restore damaged liver
UK set to launch stem cell bank
Stem cells: How to make eggs and sperm
Repairing The Engines Of Life - Can research into stem cells and other advanced techniques heal ailing hearts and brains?
SLU scientists have identified the first gene regulating programmed cell death in plant embryos
Firm aims to clone embryos for stem cells
A New Kind of Bioethics - Eschewing the academic mainstream, Bush panel focuses on technology's dangers
Animals from genetically modified sperm
Australia agrees stem cell guidelines
New Technique Raises Pregnancy Odds Without Multiple Births
ND professor looks at stem cell issue
EU set to fund stem cell research despite lack of Council agreement
Bush Opposes Using Embryos for Research
Kalam calls for stemcell research programme
Researchers identify gene linked to sperm-producing stem cells in mammals
Stem cells: a primer
Desperate couples seek court's help
Mitochondrial Mutations Blamed for Aging
Reagan's Next Victory
Stem cells heal a broken heart
With no other "Dollys" yet, cloning report draws critics
Ulster couple plan for 'designer baby' - Change in fertility law could save life of incurably ill son
Of smart mise and an even smarter man
Breeding debate
Breakthrough in stem cell production
New research questions potential of adult stem cells
Cloning - mice cloned from mature olfactory neurons
Boffins report advances in artificial sperm
Zerhouni on Stem Cells - NIH director defends Bush policy on stem cell research to Congress
More light, less heat on this debate
Injections of adult stem cells could repair hearts
Stem Cells in Limbo
South Korea a Fertile Field for Research Into Cloning
Human GM sperm will be possible one day, researchers indicate
Cloning ban.
European congress hears how stem cells could provide new epilepsy therapy
Survey: Expanded Stem Cell Research Backed by Strong Majority of Voters in 18 States - Independent Voter Support for Ending Bush Limits on Stem Cell Lines is Strong
Dozens of human embryos cloned in China
Regenerative Medicine Is Heating Up
Stem Cells from Fat Become Heart Muscle - Could help repair damage following a heart attack
Embryo Cells Become Sperm in Japanese Experiment
Warnock U-turn on naming sperm donors
Stem Cells Stimulated to Be Sperm
Determine Accurate Pregnancy Potential of Embryo Before IVF Implantation
Senators' bill details rules on cloning research
New Jersey becomes second US state to legalise stem cell research
Regulation of "reprogenetics" urged. Hastings Center report warns against free market in new reproductive technologies
IVF clampdown urged on multiple embryos. Couples should be encouraged to have single implant say specialists
Clinics make progress in search for better embryo
Virus synthesised in a fortnight
Constantly In Motion, Like DNA Itself
Australia to Require Human-Embryo Drug Labeling To Inform Consumers Who Have Ethical Concerns
Criminal investigation into Korean human cloning
Blood-Forming Stem Cells Fail to Repair Heart Muscle in Stanford Study
Understanding cloning
1st National Bank of Stem Cells
A Baby, or Cash Back - Some IVF Centers Offer Risk-Sharing Deals
Group petitions UN on cloning. Attorneys, scientists, and activists would have World Court rule against human experiments
Maverick doctor's baby cloning claim rejected as fantasy
Researchers Produce Healthy Embryo Using Egg From Frozen Ovarian Tissue Transplant
Court case could overturn controls on human cloning
British scientists grow stem cells for first time
'I desperately wanted a baby - which is difficult when you're in love with another woman'
Metaphors and dreams. The paradox of the DNA revolution is that it shows us a shining future without telling us how to get there
Louisiana Senate Passes Bill That Would Ban All Human Cloning; State House To Consider Other Cloning Measures
Calif. Legislature Considers Bill To Grant Inheritance Rights to Offspring Conceived Using Sperm, Egg Donated by Dead Parent
Fertility problems - Mice embryo culturing risky
Louisiana Senate Committee Approves Cloning Ban Bill That Would Allow Cloning for Research Purposes
Gene that extends lifespan in yeast points to paradigm shift in longevity research; may explain life extension via calorie restriction
Sex Selection - Should you be allowed to pick your kid's sex?
Appropriations bill may ban patents on human organisms
Cloning Ethics
Time to End the Embryonic Stem Cell Ban - Bush's flimsy funding policy is hurting promising research and real people
Cloning comes to North Carolina
Law hinders German research - Ban on importing new embryonic cell lines hurts international work, leading scientist says
Cloning College - South Korea's biomedical researchers, unhampered by politics, do world-class research on the cheap
The end of pregnancy - Within a generation there will be probably be mass use of artificial wombs to grow babies.
How Dolly the sheep turned fiction to reality
Japan allows stem cell research
Test-Tube Multiple Births Decline
New Stanford institute is to study controversial stem cell manipulation
UK embryology authority condemned
Single gene failure "explains cloning deaths"
Gene therapy for sickel-cell disease?
Regeneration of injured muscle from adult stem cells
The Conscience Clause: Keeping the Independent Scientist Extant
Molecular Cell Biology
EU stem cell vote put off in new bid to halt funds
Our Posthuman Future
Delaware House Committee Delays Action on Cloning Bill, Requests Testimony From Bill Supporters, Opponents
New designer baby row as watchdog rejects family's plea for treatment
First frozen egg babies to be born in May
Scientific brutality. Aldous Huxley's bleak vision
Clonaid Claims Embryos Needed for Human Cloning Produced in Korea
Cord Stem Cells Proven to Rebuild Hearts - Molecular evidence shows that they can become needed heart muscle tissue
Baby breaks sperm-storage record - Test-tube success for sample kept on ice for 21 years
"Being human": cloning and the challenges for public policy
Stem cell research gets boost
Human cloning and human dignity: an ethical inquiry
Canada Closes Door on Cloning
Genetic expression in clines differs from that in donor animals
Gene genies
Washington Post Examines New Studies That Could Give Women 'Unprecedented Flexibility' in Timing of Pregnancies
A report and its lessons
Dim Chance for Global Cloning Ban: Diplomats Cite U.S. Overreach for Stalemate on Banning Reproductive Cloning
Specter asks Bush to permit more embryonic cell lines
Lung Stem Cells Turned into Gut - Molecular switch may explain intestinal diseases, allow for new regenerative treatments
Mouse Study Upends Bedrock Tenet of Reproductive Biology
Green light for embryonic stem cells
Want To Bank Your Own Stem Cells? One Los Angeles startup believes everyone should, to be ready when regenerative therapies start hitting the market
Thousands of women offered baby hope
Stem-cell research still an embryonic business
Kabuki and Stem Cells
First Cloned Horse Announced. Foal Cloned From a Single Cell of a Mare
Prospect of babies from unborn mothers
A way to make human cloning safer
California proposal promotes stem cell ...
New Jersey governor signs cloning bill
Dolly the Sheep creator turns to humans
Duke Study: Stem Cells Can Be Used To Fight Heart Damage
Debunking the Brave New World - Arguments that human cloning will give rise to dystopia are unfounded and unrealistic
Limits on Stem-Cell Research Re-emerge as a Political Issue
Baby boomers.They are three women from very different walks of life. But all shared a common goal: Motherhood.
German cloning clash. Government under fire from doctors and politicians for not backing universal ban
Wall Street Journal Examines California Stem Cell Research Ballot Initiative
Scientists identify eye disease gene, important step toward preventing blindness
South Koreans Get Stem Cells from Frozen Human Embryos
Fatherless mice created without sperm
Tissue, cell donors screened under new US rule
Common Sense or Know-Nothing Reaction?
Testing new hope for IVF success
War Against The Weak. Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race. By Edwin Black. Four Walls Eight Windows, New York: 2003
Stem-cell research: Crunch time for Korea's cloners - A team in Seoul has stolen a march with its work towards human therapeutic cloning. The researchers have been feted, but an ethical controversy may threaten their work
Japan science panel recommends approval of limited cell research on human embryos
Planning Ahead: Stem-Cell Banks For the Healthy - Add this to the list of things to save for a rainy day: your own blood stem cells

Retiring the Social Contract for Science
Canadian Crisis Over Stem-Cell Research, Cloning
Is "Responsible Eugenics" Disingenuous Ethics?
Sound-detecting hair cells grown in lab
Energy department finances effort to create artificial life
Spain changes embryo laws
Human cloning nears vote in Illinois Senate
Spain's stem cell battle ends - New socialist government comes to a deal with Andalusian leaders over stem cell bank
Unmaking Memories: Interview with James McGaugh
Technion "teaches" stem cells to form blood vessels...
Italy approves embryo law - Strict rules will mean a disaster for Italian research, say scientists
Can It Be? The End of Evolution?
As age of the saviour sibling dawns, pressure mounts inexorably to change embryo rules
Stem cell research gets government backing
Senate committee okays reproduction bill
Cord blood stem cells aid repair of hearts
Reining in assisted reproduction
Sperm Made from Stem Cells. Development in Mice Raises Issues for Human Reproduction
False dawns in the brave world of New Genetics
Help for infertile women, or cloning?
The Ethics of Science
The image of God, the eggs of women, and therapeutic cloning
Hill Negotiators Agree to Bar Patents for Human Organisms
Glowing red GM fish to sell in US
Human E xxx
Embryo created using frozen ovary - Resurrected tissue offers fertility hope to cancer patients
Human cloning bill tweaked to allow research - Author favors complete ban, rejects revision
The case for a US prospective cohort study of genes and environment
Boy May Force Change in Norway Bio-Ethics Law
Human fertility scientists under pressure to rein in unethical work of mavericks
Artificial human eggs created
Scientists discover how life begins
Adult Stem Cells Could Produce Insulin, Researchers Find - Scientists Craft Stem Cells From Adult Bone Marrow
'Stemness' Genes Still Elusive
Stem Cells in Limbo. Two years after President Bush said the U.S. had all the cell lines it needed, where did they go?
Single gene plays key role in neural tube defects
Cloned Embryos Could Help Explain Basis for Diseases
Chicago Institute Isolates 50 New Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines for Research on Disease Treatments
58 Senators Seek Easing of Rules for Stem Cells - Bush Urged to Alter Research Policy
Stem cell research proposal fails in Senate
Stem cell surprise: blood cells form liver, nerve cells
Survey: U.S. Biotech Industry Poised for Growth
Stem Cell Research Could Treat Women Like Tools, Warns Holy See. In an Address Urging Ban on All Forms of Human Cloning
UK Tightens Rules to Stop IVF Multiple Births
Stem cell standoff in Germany
Canadians embrace stem cell research. Poll finds solid support for funding studies on surplus embryos
Celebrity Ethics - Ethicists have become the voice of science in the media
Frozen embryos: Judge ends women's hopes of motherhood
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital's John S. Rinehart, M.D.s, Offers Latest Development in Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients
MEPs tackle thorny issue of stem-cell research
Shortage of embryos hinders stem cell research
U.N. ban on cloning blocked
US doctors approve stem cell research
Female mammals do produce new eggs after birth
Society's choices. Social and ethical decision making in biomedicine. Committee on the social and ethical impacts of developments in biomedicine
2 stem cell research bills see progress
Center Reports Stem-Cell Breakthrough
Doubt cast on use of adult stem cells - Contradicting early reports, studies raise questions about how cells act
US genetic policy panel forms - Composition draws criticism for conservative stances on embryonic stem cell research
Women take fight to save frozen embryos to high court
Government wins human cloning court challenge
Long road ahead for stem cell initiative - Proposal to finance research qualifies for state ballot
Coming clean on stem cells. US official admits most approved lines useless for now, supports proposed UK stem cell bank
Inspiring Science: Jim Watson and the Age of DNA. Edited by John Inglis, Joseph Sambrook & Jan Witkowski. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: 2003
The Stem Cell Cover-Up
Infertile couples 'used as guinea pigs'
Scientists Develop New Cloning Technique That Dramatically Shortens The Search For Genes
Greenpeace Pans Patent
Stem Cells - Scientific, medical, and Political Issues
Save embryonis stem cell research
Poodle Genes Help Show What It Means to Be Human
AP/San Francisco Chronicle Examines State Surrogacy Laws, Lack of Laws in Majority of States
Enzymes stitch together non-natural DNA - Guided evolution and HIV help create man-made stuff of life
Call for human reproductive cloning ban
Practical Hope. Adult stem cells break through
Fertility Breakthrough Raises Tough Questions About Link to Cloning
University Plans Human Stem Cell Trials
Embryo Police
Mechanism That Enables Stem Cells to Track Migrating Brain Tumor Cells
Scientists Compare Rat Genome With Human and Mouse - Analysis Yields New Insights into Medical Model, Evolutionary Process
Poll shows more than a third back cloning to help the sick
Pennsylvania researchers turn stem cells to egg cells
Cloning advance spurs ethical quandaries - Arguments point to unexpected turns in debate as age of cloned of babies draws closer
Specter of Cloning May Prove a Mirage
We need a new moral compass. Scientific advances and attitudes to sexuality mean we have no choice but to adopt new ethical standards
When 'Switched On' Muscle Stem Cells Morph To Resemble Nerve Cells
Seeing Pessimism, Not Science, as the Enemy
Matter of the heart
Stem Cells To Heal Hearts - The magic of stem cells is showing some early promise for the hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who suffer from crippling chest pain caused by heart disease
Genetic Testing of Embryos to Pick 'Savior Sibling' Okay with Most Americans; New Survey Explores Attitudes on PGD
Cloning the Clone of a Famed Japanese Bull
Think Again: Misreporting Stem Cell Research
Brave New Babies - Parents now have the power to choose the sex of their children. But as technology answers prayers, it also raises some troubling questions
In big advance in cloning, biologist create 50 mice
Researchers Report Birth of Five Infants Conceived Specifically for Stem Cell Donation to Ill Sibling
Icelandic Company Says It Has Found Osteoporosis Gene
Research on human embryos common in Canada
In Vitro Proposals By Bush Council Stir Controversy
Embryos screened for deafness
Gene required for stem cell pluripotency
Mice born from rat-matured eggs
Cardiologists take heart from stem-cell treatment success
Ban on embryo experimentation to continue
Lawmakers debate therapeutic cloning
Texas A&M Says It Has Cloned First Deer
Will the cloning doctors go from villains to heroes?
Diane Blood law victory gives her sons their 'legal' father
Eggs a Better Ethical Option for Stem Cell Research
Is there a right to clone? Constitutional challenges to bans on human cloning
Government endorses creation of stem cell bank
Surrogate births, Japan debates
Swiss lose count of surplus embryos
America's next ethical war
How unborn mice get to be parents
Practical hope. Adult stem cells break through
Making new muscle: Researchers in Rome produce a mouse that can regenerate its tissues
Cloning bill off House agenda - Sen. Venables withdraws legislation for election year
Cloning Scientist Rebuffs Nature Journal's Claim
Bush caught in middle on research of stem cells
Embryonic stem cells: Scientists Make Sperm in a Dish
Precious Right, Necessary Responsibilities
Royal Society urges UK Government to reject UN ban on therapeutic cloning
Dr. Clone: Creating Life or Trying to Save It? South Korean Defends Ethics of His Controversial Research
At Risk: A Golden Opportunity in Biotech. Limits on federal funding have already eroded U.S. research efforts
President's Council on Bioethics Expected To Release Recommendations on Assisted Reproductive Technology
Ban on clinics offering choice of sex looms
The stem cell debate: the legal, political and ethical issues surrounding federal funding of scientific research on human embryos
'Dual use' of DNA science ignites an ethical debate - Technology can be used to ensure a sibling donor
Is Biomedical Research too dangerous too Pursue?
Stem cell center eyed at Harvard - Researchers seek to bypass US restrictions
European Parliament Backs New Human Tissue Law
The Ethics of Human Cloning. Testimony, House Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space
Stem cells allow infertile males to be fathers
Will Biotech Boom?
Q&A: Therapeutic cloning
Embryonic stem cell research: an ethical justification
Gene triggers adult stem cells, repairs muscles: study
Senators grill NIH director over Bush's restrictions on stem-cell research
MEPs vote against stem cell research
In Stem-Cell Law, Supporters See Opportunity for New Jersey
Domestic stem-cell creation approved
Chinese fusion method promises fresh route to human stem cells
Regulating Cloning - The biotech industry pushes its agenda in the states
Embryonic man
Biotech becalmed
House committee approves bill to ban human cloning - Some say measure will hinder research
Lost Your Little Boy? We'll Make Another
Germany Wants U.N.-Sponsored Ban on Cloning
Embryonic stem cells on the way
MPs in bid to stop IVF gene testing
Royal Society attacks "desperation tactics" to outlaw therapeutic cloning
Fertility's new frontier
Right-wing technological dread. Why conservatives dislike scientific progress
U.S. scientists fear losing out on cloning
One Reason Not to Like Bush
What's it to be - boy or girl? It's illegal in Canada, but in some countries sex selection before birth is widespread
UK moves to ban human sex selection
California Group Taking Steps To Place $3B Bond Proposal for Stem Cell Research
Proposals to get tough on human cloning
The cloning of Ralph, the rat - Since theyÕre used widely in laboratories, such cloned animals could be immediately valuable to scientists
South Korean Scientists Extract Stem Cells From Cloned Human Embryo
Debate about cloning returns to Congress. Senate considers ban affecting human embryos
CAMR: Anti-Patent Legislation Could Cripple Medical Research; Patient Groups, Researchers, Universities Voice Opposition
Use Of Government Approved Stem Cell Unethical, Scientists Say
Parkinson's transplant therapy faces setback
Swiss ambivalent about stem cell research
Chemical turns mouse stem cells into heart muscle
The ethical reasons for stem cell research
UW Scientists Hike Survival Of Stem Cells - 20 Percent Of The Embryonic Cells Frozen With Certain Chemical Survive When Thawed
Mass. Senator Renews Stem Cell Fight
The role of the federal government in assisted reproductive technologies
Stem cells coaxed into sperm - Scientists have coaxed mouse embryonic stem cells to become fertile sperm
UCSF finding advances insight into adult stem cells in human brain
Cells From Fat Tissue Turned Into Functional Nerve Cells
Go cautiously on cloning
Stem cell heart repair "doubts"
Japan approves use of first human embryo stem cells
Aussie Scientists Get Teeth Into Stem Cell Research
Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age. By Bill McKibben. Times Books: 2003
Many Women Willing to Sell Own Eggs
"Test-tube" mice become bold adults - Assisted reproduction may affect behaviour
Beyond the genome. The ethics of DNA testing
Canadian Bioethicists Want Legislation to Protect Embryos Better, Point Out Improvements and Deficiencies in Assisted Reproduction Bill
Scientists Identify Gene Linked to Autism
Go ahead and clone
Stem cells: scientific progress and future research directions. Report prepared by the National Institutes of Health
Existing stem-cell lines may not be genetically diverse
Greater Regulation Of Fertility Encouraged - Bioethics Council Seeking Changes
California Backs New Stem Cell Research Measures
French health minister says he favors stem cell research on embryos
Biotechnology: How far should researchers go?
Embryonic stem cell research as an ethical issue: on the emptiness of symbolic value
Rare birth defect linked to IVF
Stem cell bill set for signing
In Laboratory, Ordinary Cells Are Turned Into Eggs
Stem-cell therapy has disadvantages
Stem cells found in adults may repair nerves
Bulgarian Cloning Debate Ends with Ban
My Critics Are Wrong - Why using human embryonic stem cells for medical research is moral.
Speech stirs stem cell debate. German justice minister says stem cell law should be looser, emboldening scientists
Autism gene identified
Stem cells growing in California - State initiative on funding research gets enough signatures for November election
Cloned Human Embryonic Stem Cells Created
Genetically enhanced athletes?
House will vote on patent ban for human life forms
Deciphering the Genetic Code, An Exhibit Honoring the Work of Nobel
Speech stirs stem cell debate - German justice minister says stem cell law should be looser, emboldening scientists
Metaphors and dreams. The paradox of the DNA revolution is that it shows us a shining future without telling us how to get there
Do the UK embryology laws need updating?
Assembly plans vote on stem cell research, ethics bills
Googling the genome - The ability to digitally store, and search, personal genetic data raises a series of difficult ethical questions
Hundreds of Researchers, Clinicians Sign Open Letter to Bush Criticizing Replacement of Bioethics Council Members
California Stem Cell Research Advocates Gain More Than One Million Signatures for Public Funding Ballot Measure
Science's new social contract with society
Italian doctor says cloned babies born
New RNA libraries can selectively inactivate human genes - Resource should greatly speed gene analysis and discovery
Neural stem cells: no fear of rejection?
US Falls Significantly Behind In Stem Cell Research
Chilean scientists warn of cloning mutation risks
Does the FDA have authority to regulate human cloning?
Push to curb multiple IVF births
Embryo research bill: Rational
Genome: the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters
Gynecologist expelled from professional body
Ethics commission backs stem cell research
Regulation of human cloning: implications for biotechnological advancement
Options for Oversight of Genetic Testing of Human Embryos
On High-Tech Reproduction, Italy Will Practice Abstinence
The rise of free, global gene expression data sets. Researchers team up drug screening and microarray technology to deliver gene function information
Canadian stem cell bill passed
Molecular mechanism found that may improve ability of stem cells to fight disease
States dive into stem cell debates
When Fish Fluoresce, Can Teenagers Be Far Behind?
Brain Stem Cell "Fountain of Youth" Discovered - Growth factors could allow the use of neural stem cells for treating such diseases as Parkinson's
Where Is Thy Sting?
Crowding stem cells' personal space directs their future
Scientists 'See' Effects of Aging in Brain
Debate Over Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Becoming Election Issue
Germans report breakthrough on bone marrow
Fertility in Reserve
Japanese scientists clone a cow, making eight copies
New Guidelines to Protect Frozen Sperm, Embryos
Hidden dragon. American biotech has nothing to fear from China's clones
Cloning Can Lead to a New Slavery, Warn Mexican Doctors - After Senate Backs Stem Cell Research on Human Embryos
Judges close cloning loophole
Why human reproductive cloning should not all cases be prohibited
New Jersey Governor Puts Stem Cell Research in Budget Plan
EU Sets Rules for Embryo Research
Britain opens stem-cell bank - The world's first national repository opened this week north of London, angering anti-abortion groups
Scientists Clone Adult Lab Mice
Embryo research
Stem-cell research is exciting, but not to investors
Everything You Need to Know about Cloning
AMA says use of stem cells for biomedical research is consistent with medical ethics
Ministers prefer temporary cloning ban
The Hidden Traps in Fooling Mother Nature
Lords reject 'free-for-all' cloning claim
Cancer treatment - stemming the brain drain
House Votes to Ban Patenting of Humans to Avoid New "Slavery"
Two calves follow Dolly the sheep into cloning history
Stem-cell funds slow in coming - Potential returns may be years away, and societyÕs moral concerns make investors nervous
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad embryonic kill bill
Call for debate over 'designer baby' laws
Father wins case against fertility clinic
End of infertility within a decade, say doctors
Stem cells 'fail in cancer care'
Delaware State Senator Withdraws Bill That Would Have Banned Reproductive Cloning, Allowed Research Cloning
EU Proposes Rule Allowing Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding
Will the UN ban human cloning?
The tyranny of "genethics"
Medical Panel Denounces Bush's Plan for Stem Cells
Cloned deer another first for A&M team
Scientist creates smarter mouse: work on formation of memory may someday help people
Adult stem cells. With research on embryonic stem cells mired in controversy, adult stem cells are quietly providing the basis for striking advances toward new therapies
Genome Transforms, Challenges Drug Discovery
Strange medicine
British 'Designer Baby' Re-Ignites Controversy
Zapatero backs stem-cell work
Bone Marrow Research Is Questioned. Potential for Regeneration Overstated, Study Says
Gene variation appears to affect humans' ability to remember - Data could lead someday to doctors' ability to predict such brain-destroying diseases as Parkinson's
Increased pressure on US to support embryonic stem cell research
Stem cell mixing may form a human-mouse hybrid
Stem cells repair heart attack damage
Hope for new source of stem cells
Regenerative chemical turns muscle cells into stem cells
Sally has 2 mommies and 1 daddy
No decision on stem cells - US President's Council on Bioethics takes no position in 400-page report
Mad Cow-Resistant Bovine Developed
Banking on your genes
Toronto scientists find crucial brain cell. May improve cancer treatment in children
Ireland divided on stem cells - As the EU decision on stem cells looms, Ireland is a microcosm of the debate
Gene which plays a crucial role in heart attacks pinpointed by Japanese scientists
Treatment for Infertile Women Yields Babies with Three Sets of Genes
Test could boost IVF success - Molecule from embryo may signal its health
The ever-widening gap between the science of the artificial reproductive technology and the laws which govern that technology
Panel recommends approval of cell research
A brain gap with the Red Chinese
Cloned animals meet early deaths
Ban imposed on IVF "egg giving"
Stem Cells Illuminate Early Stages of Human Development
Did media turn a nonentity into a monster?
Seven Days of Creation - The inside story of a human cloning experiment
Researchers Engineer Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells to Form Sperm Cell Precursors
Bill Allowing Stem Cell Work Clears New Jersey Assembly
Cloned stem cells may give new lease of life
Who's to blame?
Stem cell research and applications. Monitoring the frontiers of biomedical research
Listening to 'normal people' - German project asks real folks what they think about stem cell research
Matched and hatched, Britain's first 'designer baby' born to save brother
Do we need men?
Stem cells enable paralyzed rats to walk
International adult stem cell 'retraining' project starts in Birmingham
Biotech tyranny. Biological enhancement is the responsibility of every citizen, not just of philosophers and ethicists.
Adult stem cells tackle multiple sclerosis
Cloning, stem cells, and beyond
Federally funding human embryonic stem cell research: an administrative analysis
The price of life - Review the law on embryo selection
A matter of life and death
Key question for research on human embryos is whether it is moral
Sins of Petition: Does the left really oppose cloned embryo research?
Stem Cells Curb Osteoarthritis in Goats
Boy battles rare disease
Celera defends human sequence - Assessment published in PNAS does little to impress critic who was a member of rival HGP
Landmark stem cell experiments published
Christian Doctor: Embryo Center Offers an Ethical Alternative to Life-Honoring Couples
Chicago lab helps couples create made-to-order babies
Commission makes the case for EU funded embryonic stem cell research
Good Genes, Bad Genes -- A Consumer Choice?
1st mouse by parthenogenesis? - Single gene knockout in dual maternal oocyte results in viable mice, but some doubt study
Barking Up the Right Genome
Powerful stem cells harnessed to search for cancer metastasis
Egregious error or admirable advance: the memorandum of understanding that enables federally funded basic human embryonic stem cell research
Genetic screening proposed for all babies
Cloned Asian cattle is put to death because of size
Thoroughbred frozen embryo gallops into limelight
Korean bioethicists call for inquiry into stem-cell work
Rethinking Stem-Cell Research
Heart therapy trial raises concerns
Is it nature or nurture? Maybe it is a bit of both
U.S. embryonics stem cell registry announced
Italy takes hard line on embry research
Stem cell bill close to reality
Cellular conversion turns brain into blood
Are Adult Stem Cells a Bust? New research casts doubt
Of Mice and Men
Scientists hail human cloning breakthrough
Study: Cloned Cells Cure Brain Disease in Mice
United Nations May Clone Vote
The "Orwelliam Nightmare" reconsidered: a proposed regulatory framework for the advanced reproductive technologies
Cloning research needs strict standards
Stem-cell laws put state in vanguard
Biotechnology as religion
Deriving male gametes. Embryoid bodies contain primordial germ cells that can mature into male gametes
Joint growth gives hope to arthritis sufferers
Maverick Approach to Manufacturing Microbes
Singapore seeks diabetes cure with adult stem cells
Scientists Find Indications That Ovaries May Be Replenished
Boost for banks of stem cells
Cloning to be legalized in New Jersey? Opponents say "radical" measure allows humans to be destroyed
Research on human embryos common in Canada, says medical ethicist
Seven Days of Creation - The inside story of a human cloning experiment
Doctors use bone marrow stem cells to repair a heart
Sperm Made from Stem Cells. Development in Mice Raises Issues for Human Reproduction
Complications Seen With Stem Cell Treatment of Heart Disease
Cloning Report Breeds Confusion - Does it open the door to 'therapeutic cloning'?
U.S. May Push Cloning Ban Next Year
Louisiana House panel debates an end to cloning
A Conversation with James D. Watson
Air Pollution Linked to Genetic Mutations
Gene causing cleft lips identified
"Virgin birth" method promises ethical stem cells
Stem cells grown into tissues. Breakthrough seen in creating organs
Cool concept: freezing human eggs - Norwood group tests method that could transform industry
Aggregation Of Cloned Mouse Embryos Improves Survival Rate
Horse family gets its first clone
Stem cell research
Athlete cheats seek genetic boost
The Rat Genome
A New Cloning Debate - A scientific breakthrough inspires hope for future cures and reignites vows to outlaw embryonic research
Seeking clues on fertility's window
Beyond cloning: religion and the remaking of humanity
Dolly scientists want to create cloned human embryos for stem cell research
Human tissues and reproductive cloning: new technologies challenge FDA
Ethics committees fill moral vacuum
The Genetic Key to Turning Back the Biological Clock
Bioethics Council Suggests Compromises and Restrictions for Embryo Research
Stem Cells: Looks Like America Is in Bush's Corner
Euro parliament OKs stem cells - But the final decision rests with the Council of Ministers
Marrow Stem Cells Make Liver - Rather than fusing with existing cells, they help regenerate organ when exposed to damaged tissue
Human neurogenesis. Group demonstrates that adult brains grow new cells after all
Disappearing stem cells, disappearing science
The False Controversy of Stem Cells - If you think it through, the case for embryonic research is an easy one...
Fast approaching limits of pre-natal genetic testing
Does Science Matter?
Stem cells rebuild damaged hearts
Genetics guru says infanticide can be moral
Debate over cloning puts the political in science
Cloning bills debate keeps multiplying
Genetically engineered mouse with extraordinary resistance to bowel cancer
Human Clone Experiment Repeated Successfully
Fetal trials need public funds.The outcomes of trials of fetal-cell transplants highlight the importance of public access
Fertility expert gives cautious backing to human cloning
Religious sect 'can reverse ageing process'
Massachusetts firm's disclosure renews cloning debate. Bush reiterates support for ban on use of embryos
Cross-species testes transplant successful
German Doctors Say They Create New Stem-Cell Method
Stem cell research
Artificial life experiments show how complex functions can evolve
Fertility's closed Italian frontier - A law takes effect Wednesday that curtails options in a former hotbed of reproductive treatments
Italian Parliament Approves Assisted Reproductive Technology Measure
Evolved DNA stitches itself up - Could DNA have kick-started life on Earth instead of RNA? 31 March 2004
Chirac Calls for UNESCO to Create International Pact on Bioethics
Baby Cloning in UK Could Bring 10-Year Jail Sentence
US should revisit issue of human cloning for medical research
The Pursuit of Biohappiness
In cloning debate, a compromise
U.S. advisers seek regulation of fertility clinics
First cloned human embryo is ready to implant in surrogate mother, scientist claims
Stem cells toward sperm cells and back again - Experiments reverse cells' developmental course
Bush Panel Has 2 Views on Embryonic Cloning
Could We Live Forever?
Bill Passed Banning Human Cloning
Stem cells turned into heart tissue
Bush Replaces Advisers on Cloning, Medical Issues
New Jersey passes stem cell law - Scientists praise act that promotes stem cell research, criminalizes reproductive cloning
Debate on Stem Cell Research Enters New Phase
Faulty stem cells may "grow" new cancers
U.N. to Consider Whether to Ban Cloning of Human Embryos
[Harvard] University To Launch Stem Cell Center
Test tube baby clinics in the USA better at avoiding multiple births than before
The rush to pick a perfect embryo
Cloning: a business withput regulation
The explicit human distinction
Stem Cell Technique: Murder or Medicine's Big Hope?
No genotype left untreated
Study to probe genetics of depression - Finding genes linked to mental illness may yield new drug
An embryo proposal devoid of modesty or irony
'Designer baby' creates ethical rift
Doctors Group Backs Cloning for Research
Enough. Staying Human in an Engineered Age. By Bill McKibben. Times Books: 2003
Singapore drafts bill to regulate human stem cell research
Stem cell answers in 20 years - German scientists: efficient procedures for enriching embryo lines at least 10 years off
Group petitions UN on cloning. Attorneys, scientists, and activists would have World Court rule against human experiments
A Bug's Death
Is brave new world inevitable? Bill Kristol says yes. he's wrong
Cloning test 'gives hope to millions'
Bid set to revive UN ban on stem cell research
Dolly was lucky. Scientists warn that cloning is too dangerous for people
Canadian Government Reintroduces Bill To Ban Human Reproductive Cloning
Pet cloning goes commercial
Cell division
Dish-grown Stem Cells Rebuild Corneas - New culturing method could help prevent blindness
Germans back adult stem cells - A project to assess the views of some ordinary Germans finds mixed views on stem cell law
Bush's Political Science
Blood Treatment's Promise Mired in Bureaucracy
Golden eggs: towards the rational regulation of oocyte donation
Cloning for tissue therapy still faces barriers - Despite Seoul success, ethical and
Major breakthrough made in embryo system cell research Japan
Stem cells grow wild on carbon matrix
Canadian Parliament Passes Bill That Would Ban Human Cloning, Regulate Stem Cell Research
First IVF embryo research licenses issued in Australia
Italian Reproductive Technology Law Draws Industry Criticism
Science of fertility growing up fast. Local centers among leaders in producing "miracle babies"
Stem Cell Clinical Trials Coming Soon. Scientists Meet In Singapore For Conference
Featherless chicken, the
RNA trades bit part for starring role in the cell
Use of stem cells in biotechnological research
How to Regulate Science
Australia offers out stem cells
Stem cell therapy holds out hope to heart patients
The genius generation - The Nobel Prize sperm bank was set up to produce a new generation of geniuses. What happened to its children?
Japanese School Makes Human Stem Cells
Huge NHS bill for infertility rights. Guidelines give couples new hope to start families
Commons passes anti-cloning bill; no guarantee Senate will follow suit
Stem cell showstopper? Without cloning, they aren't likely to work
Stem cells toward sperm cells and back again
Europe split over move to loosen stem-cell regulations
Most Canadians Want Alternatives to Embryo Research
Human embryo research
Court win for couple fighting to save son
For: Stem research is legal, useful
Cloning still has its problems. Delay in duplicating monkeys shows extent of gap
Anti-HIV drugs linked to baby gene mutations
Rare pig cloned in single cycle
Gene-Disabling Technique Simplified by Stanford Team
European Union Ministers Oppose Bid to Fund Embryonic Stem Cells
Cloning Yields Human-Rabbit Hybrid Embryo
Researchers get stem cells to form blood vessels
Posthumously Conceived Twins Win Benefits
A Tough Ethical Call. Chinese doctors impregnate a woman using a technique U.S. scientists deemed too hot to handle
Test-tube sperm get new genes
Chimp chromosome creates puzzles - First sequence is unexpectedly different from human equivalent
California challenges US stem cell rules
Ethics of therapeutic cloning - A moment of triumph for South Korean science appears to have been marred by doubts about lab practice
British lab hails stem cell first
Clones and clones: facts and fantasies about human cloning
California passes stem cell law
New Chromosome Mapping Offers Major Step Forward
Stem Cells Deliver Cancer-fighting Genes - New method safer and more effective
Patents on human organisms barred
Pregnant pause - Governments should ban reproductive cloning but allow the therapeutic sort
Stem-cell research's creative financing - Federal strictures prompt push for private, state funds
U.N. Panel Puts Off Vote on Measures to Restrict Cloning
New Jersey Residents Oppose Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Export of Cloning Technology to the U.S.
China Document Bans 'Reproductive' Human Cloning but Permits 'Remedial Cloning'
Cloning becomes norm at Texas A&M
Italians fight fertility law in hospitals and courts
Biotech: A Coming Boom - or Bust?
High court rules out 'designer' baby
Reprogrammable Cells From Fat Are True Adult Stem Cells
Technology customizes kids by sex - Choice: A technique to identify healthy embryos for implantation can also be used to select gender
Hopes raised of using stem cells for treating muscular dystrophy
Baby's First Pictures. Three Less-Invasive Prenatal Tests Offer Parents New Early Diagnostic Options - and Some Tough Choices
I went to the States to be cloned
Stem cells: Lost in translation
President's Bioethics Council Member, Former Member Publish Critique of Two of Council's Past Reports
New approach offers potential drug-discovery shortcut - Researchers find drug that may suppress genetic mutation using a novel screening approach
The nature of genes
Pressures of stem cell studies
Holding Cell
Artery Newest Stem Cell Source. Shape-Shifting Cells Can Become Bone, Cartilage, Muscle, or Marrow
A new way to produce stem cells? Rabbit eggs used to grow embryos for research
'God Squad' delays anti-cloning bill
UK law "threatens research". Research bodies worry a draft bill on human tissue use could stifle vital
Stem Cell Strides Test Bush Policy Scientists Push for Use Of Newer Cell Colonies
Harvard Harvests Controversial Embryo Cells
Stoppng embryo research
Bioethics Council Criticized on 2 Proposals - But Cardinal Keeler Praises Its Call for Ban on Hybrids
Making the most of stem cells - New storage method amplifies cells available for science
Toward a Sensible Stem-Cell Policy
Baby boy is born from sperm frozen for 21 years UK
Pioneer DNA bank to examine lifestyles
In Stem-Cell Research, It's Rule Britannia.
Should human cloning be allowed? No, it's a moral monstrosity
Summers Introduces Stem Cell Center - University has yet to announce funding level for new center
Mother pregnant with girls after IVF sex-selection
$3b sought in Calif. for stem cell research - Scientists back effort that would ask voters to OK public funds
When science finction becomes social reality
Evolution Encoded
Researchers say adult stem cells could help against diabetes
Sweden backs research into therapeutic cloning
Tooth Stem Cells Could Treat Parkinson's - Dental pulp an easier to access and more robust source
One is magic number for IVF clinics
Critics say N.J. law encourages cloning
Kalam asks scientists to intensify research in stem cells
And now for something completely different - Chemists are trying to synthesise new varieties of life
Scientists fear pro-life hijacking of debate
Gazzaniga dissents in cloning recommendations to President Bush
How much is a child worth?
Anti-human cloning bill approved
'Tissue Typing' Used on Embryos Ready for In Vitro Fertilization
Cloning panel at odds over stem cells
'God is not in charge, we are'
Baby with selected gene born in Britain. 'Proud' fertility specialist awaits UK approval for cell technique
MPs call for human cloning debate
The rise of biological databases. Once clunky, these now indispensable repositories provide a wealth of information to researchers
Cells, gels and the engines of life
Stem Cells in Limbo - Two years after President Bush said the U.S. had all the cell lines it needed, where did they go?
A Bold Biotech Play for the Extremely Patient
Australia Issues First IVF Embryo Research Licenses
Stem-cell research: A dilemma in the way of science
NIH Director Restates Bush Administration Position on Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Says More Lines Could Speed Research
We Don't Play Politics With Science
Embryo stem cell research OK'd
Canadian stem cell bill passed. Quick Senate approval before Parliament goes into recess is unlikely
Proteins on demand.
Genetic encores: the ethics of human cloning
Embryo research set to begin in Australia
Scientists oppose reproductive cloning
Patients take heart from stem cell therapy
Cloning bill builds steam - 32 lawmakers sponsor proposal to make it a felony
Stem cell research gets green light from European Parliament
Nobel winners criticize Bush's cloning plans
Molecular biology of the cell
Embryos Screened For Diseased Gene
Alzheimer's: The quest for a cure
Stem cells exciting but worrisome - Time horizon, ethics issues keep capital on sidelines
Search Is On for Alzheimer's Cure as Boomers Age
Parents pay to pick baby's sex
Cloning Corporate Welfare - The biotech industry wants your money.
Lawmakers want to ease stem cell research restrictions
Icelandic database shelved as court judges privacy in peril
testing membership restrictions
Time to drop the language of "consensus"
Nanotech ethics - Scientists seek to avoid "mistakes" of genetic engineering and stem cell debated
Researchers on Stem Cells Are Making Do, and Hoping
Human ES Cells in Europe
Legislature drops stem cell support. Action is a victory for Catholic Church
"Unreasonable Fears, Slippery Slopes, and Unnecessary Legislation" - a Reply to Prof. Robertson
Clones, Gays, and the Elderly
Genetically modified saliva
Embryo research go-ahead in weeks
Human clone pricetag set at £100,000
Licences open way for stem-cell research
The virtue of IVF. It's not designer babies. It's life for Zain
On the cloning frontier: now Dolly has lots of company
Louisiana Senate Approves Bill That Would Ban Human Reproductive Cloning, Allow Cloning for Research Purposes
Stem-Cell Research Leads To Significant Developments
Genetic Engineering News Reports Results of Stem Cell and Cloning Survey of Scientists
Cloning concerns
New Embryonic Stem Cells Made Available
Researchers Find a Type of Stem Cell May Have the Ability to Repair the Brain
Scientist Links Genes to Learning Difficulties
China draws policy on human cloning
Blood could generate body repair kit
Study links fertility treatments with birth defects
Human clone experiment 'repeated successfully'
New N.J. law permits stem cell experimentation
Frozen Sperm as Good as Fresh for Test-Tube Babies
Italian lawmakers approve law limiting fertility treatments
Science or killing? Senate to tackle stem cell research
God Squad delays anti-cloning bill
South Korea To Mass-Produce Pig Organs For Human Transplants
Boost for gene screening of embryos
Human cloning: is the reach of FDA authority too far a stretch?
Missing gene a potential risk factor for birth defects - Research in mice examines how embryo protects itself from oxidative stress
Multiple births blasted
New line on in-vitro embryos. Justice minister says no constitutional 'human dignity' before implantation
Scaffold May Help Stem Cells Grow into Organs
Panel to reconsider ban on human cloning
Stem cells can become "normal sperm"
Italian Law Reins in Cloning
No Buddhist Hard Line on Stem Cells - While many Western Buddhists object to destroying embryos, many Asian Buddhists interpret 'non-harming' more liberally
Publicly financed research would add ethical controls
The United States is making a muddle of the ethics of genetic science
"Designer baby" ruling stokes controversy
Profiling The Genes That Make Stem Cells
Olean native makes medical history
Cloning advances - America's scientists cannot sit on sidelines
Infertile couples disappointed with cloning bill
State Senate backs stem cells work, Sunday alcohol sales
Cloned cow gives birth in E.China
Funding Bill Gets Clause on Embryo Patents. Ban Inserted Into Appropriations Measure Stirs Political, Philosophical Debate
The Moral imperative for human cloning
Researchers Blast U.S. Bioethics Panel Shuffle
Embryonic stem cell research: shifting availability of federal funds
Republicans for Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research IVF boost
Korea's successful human cloning to obtain stem cells sparks calls for US ban
Adult Marrow Stem Cells Heal Burns Faster than Embryonic
Stem cell breakthrough
Bush's Stem Cell Policy Reiterated, but Some See Shift - NIH Director's Letter to Lawmakers Acknowledges That Science Could Benefit From Added Cell Lines
Clone Researchers Say Egg Donors ...
UK considers plans to shake up clinical trials
Zerhouni's Answer Buoys Supporters
Sausalito company's cloning of pets brings up ethical questions
Accusations of bias prompt NIH review of ethical guidelines
Two models of human cloning
HapMap Project launched - International effort seeks to generate a haplotype map of the entire human genome
Men's genetic essence turns out to be Mr. fix-it. Sections of Y chromosome can "overwrite" mistakes
Remaking eden: cloning and beyond in a brave new world
The ethics of human cloning
Fearing the worst should anyone produce a cloned baby
McGreevey signs stem cell research bill into law
Cloning human beings. Recent scientific and policy developments
Mighty Mice Rebuild Damaged Muscles.
Total ban on cloning research appears dead
Researchers identify gene linked to sperm-producing stem cells in mammals
We are some way down a slippery slope
Cloning and the First State. With a dishonest bill pending, Delaware looks to join New Jersey as a haven for human cloning
UBC researcher makes heart repair breakthrough
Bioscience bill puts limits on stem cell study
Donation: the medical facts
Study:Gene May Set Age at Which Brain Diseases Hit
Stem cell research advocates in limbo
Gene defect linked to premature aging
EU Money for Stem Cells May Be Doomed
Destroyed embryos could benefit research
Limiting embryos - Doctors report fewer multiple births as a result of in vitro fertilization, although a number of patients say they want twins -- or more.
Senators call to ease stem cell restrictions
A frog lends a hand to rhododendrons
Dolly' scientist wants licence to clone humans
Study Spurs Hope of Finding Way to Increase Human Life
Report on Regulating Cloning
UK gives go-ahead for human cloning
Singapore To Set Up Public Umbilical Cord Blood
Scientists say limitations prohibit valuable research. Stem cell debate subsides, but issues remain
The blank slate: the modern denial of human nature
South Dakota Senate Passes Bill Banning Human Cloning
Cloned human embryos yield stem cells - Study brings therapeutic cloning one step closer
Agreement Reached on Congressional Ban on Patenting Human Beings
McGreevey Signs Bill Creating Stem Cell Research Institute
Mouse Study Offers New Hope on Female Infertility
Scientists develop a mouse that resists some cancers
U.N. Puts Off Human-Clone Ban Amid Demands by U.S., Vatican
Government to seek stricter stem-cell research guidelines
Cloned cows get sane future - Genetic technique may yield BSE-proof calves
Artificial eggs and sperm 'will end infertility'
Expert calls for more IVF studies, while doctors will investigate near-death experiences
Ballot Drive Puts Stem-Cell Funding in Voters' Hands - Ballot Drive Puts Stem-Cell Funding In Voters' Hands In California, Diabetes Groups Show Growing Influence As They Push for Research Big Backing From Hollywood
Boston Researchers Create Human Clone Embryo For Therapuetic Use, WIRED Magazine Reports
NIH to Revamp Research Procedures, Goals, Grants
Scientists Welcome Korean Cloning Break
Here, kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty - Sausalito firm offers clones for $50,000, signs up 5 cat owners
The Kass Council's Ex-Friends
Department of Defense Gives $240,000 for Swedish Embryonic Stem Cell Research Related to Parkinson's Disease
Scientists clone adult lab mice
Outrage over first cloned baby case. Specialist is condemned after reports that patient is eight weeks' pregnant
Asian Scientists Review Gene Cloning
"Junk" DNA reveals vital role - Inscrutable genetic sequences seem indispensable
Cloned Stem Cells Regenerate Heart Muscle Following a Heart Attack
National Academy proposes scientists self-police. Report urges creation of voluntary review system for all US science with bioterror potential
Argentina urged to support 'therapeutic' cloning
Cloned people may be a pipe dream
Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report Summarizes Editorials About Pressure on Bush To Change Stem Cell Policy
Stem Cells Believed To Reverse Disease, Heal Damaged Organs - Medical Milestone Hoped To Save Children With Deadly Diseases
Block on EU cash for stem cell research
New Jersey lamakers set to approve embryonic stem cell research
The way of the cell: molecules, organisms and the order of life
Guidelines for EU funding of stem cell research. EC releases proposals to allow EU funding of human embryonic stem cell research
Dim Chance for Global Cloning Ban - Diplomats cite U.S. overreach for stalemate on banning reproductive cloning
Ban reproductive cloning, scientists urge UN
It's a Girl! Is sex selection the first step to designer children?
Chirac urges global ethics law. French president says international convention needed to address bioethics
Barriers falling for embryo donations
Cellular songs in the key of life
Delaware Human Cloning Bill Gets Hearing, But No Vote
UK stem cell bank ready to go. Director of bank says first labs are in place and outlines rules of engagement
E.U. Stem Cell Debate Ends in a Draw
Transhumanists put their faith in technology
"Politically correct" stem cell is licensed to biotech concern
Merchants of Immortality. Chasing the Dream of Human Life Extension. By Stephen S. Hall. Houghton Mifflin, Boston: 2003
Breeding Fear
Patients, Researchers Seek to Make Stem Cell Research Key Issue In Presidential Campaign; CAMR Solicits Positions from Candidates
The remastered race
Genetic enhancement in competitive sports
The ethics of human cloning
Frozen egg baby hailed as fertility milestone
Stem Cells: A Way Forward - A new report provides some moral guidelines
Of Sheep and Man - Humanity will never be shaped by cloning
Cells from adult bone marrow can be converted into brain stem cells for transplantation
Stem cell bill eyed as lure to biotech firms
Our Cloning Policy, Hostage to a Stalemate
Genomics and its impact on medicine and society
FDA Seeks Rigourous Review Of New Fertility Treatments
Tissue transplant succeeds - An Oregon research team delivers a monkey from an egg drawn from ovarian material
Waging the battle for stem cell research
U.N. Wrestles With a Total Ban on Cloning. Rival Proposals Divide Member-Nations
Stem cell transplants offer new hope in some cases of blindness
UK's House of Lords to Rule on 'Designer Baby' Case
Baby teeth revealed as source of stem cells
Anti-cloning bills stall in senate; vote unlikely soon
Genome Institute Opens Behavioral, Social Branch
Rat Genome Helps Separate Mice from Men
Scientists Discover First Gene Tied to Stroke Risk
IVF egg donors 'risking their health'
Testing new hope for IVF success - Tests designed to screen unborn babies for inherited diseases could also boost the success rate for IVF parents, Sydney scientists believe
Embryonic Stem Cells Provide Fresh Blood - Induced to become bone marrow and blood cells, they may end the need for genetically matched donors
First cloned kitten - but it's not an exact copycat
Rat Joins List of Cloned Animals
U.S. panel calls for test-tube baby study - Health of moms, children stressed
Making Drugs, Shaping the Rules
From chance to choice: genetics and justice
Scientists want to clone a human embryo in Britain
Fertility clinics turn to embryo gene testing
Humanity? Maybe It's in the Wiring
Merchants of Immortality. Chasing the Dream of Human Life Extension. By Stephen S. Hall. Houghton Mifflin: 2003
Overseeing research on therapeutic cloning: a private ethics board responds to its critics
Adult stem cell talents grow
Defective sperm screened out of IVF
German biologists nearly unite - Another new umbrella organization aims to give German life scientists more lobbying clout
Surprising National Survey Shows Conservative Voters Support Embryonic Stem Cell Science
Infant formula - With science in the equation, women are hoping to beat the biological clock by freezing eggs for later use
Dampened hopes for transplanting bone marrow stem cells in heart attacks
Stem-cell funding on California ballot
Gay at Birth?
Stem cells appear not to turn into heart cells
Life, Liberty, and the defence of dignity: the challenge for bioethics
Bubble baby's isolation ends after hi-tech op
Babies In a Bottle. Artificial wombs and the beginning of human life
Pro-lifers lose cloning battle
The Unseen Genome: Gems among the Junk