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The Web site

This web site is designed with two main audiences in mind: our study group participants and those in the general public with an interest in the ethical and regulatory challenges raised by research and experimentation on human embryos.

The site has public and restricted areas. As a rule, restricted areas are accessible to study group members only. We will grant access to restricted materials to non-study group members on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for additional information.


The site provides an easy way for interested parties to track scientific and regulatory developments related to human biotechnologies, both at the domestic and international levels.

We hope that the site will eventually become the focal point for members of the general public and for decision-makers wishing to learn more about the scientific, ethical, and regulatory challenges raised by human biotechnologies.

Through our discussion lists, we aim to foster a dialogue among interested individuals and study group members on any the ethical and legislative challenges issued related to the governance of human biotechnologies.


The site is organized in News, Editorials, Commentaries, Analysis and Resources:

  • The News sections display materials in chronological order. Information consists mainly of short full-text articles published in the mainstream and science press about scientific advances and policy developments. Most of these articles can be freely accessed. Restrictions to online content are imposed by the publishers, and are of course outside our control.
  • Editorials and Commentaries reflect on news and recent developments, but in two distinct ways: editorials focus mainly on the scientific or legislative issues of the day, whereas commentaries take generally a broader view of the issues involved.
  • The Analysis section contains scholarly, in-depth discussion of scientific developments, ethical issues, and policy decisions. They are not as accessible as articles in the News, Editorials, and Commentaries sections, and they are generally more technical. Due to copyright restrictions, access to most of these materials is currently limited to study group members.
  • The Resources section is mainly a reference section. It points visitors interested in developing a more systematic understanding of the scientific, ethical and legal issues towards many relevant readings.


The casual visitor is best served by first perusing the news sections. Much can be learned with a relatively modest effort by exploring these sections. Commentaries are also especially useful if you are new to this subject, or find the editorials too partisan.

The materials in the Analysis section are intended mainly for scholars and policy-makers. These are often lengthy scholarly pieces that may at times be highly technical.

Finally, the Resources section contains many useful references both to the science and ethics of biotechnologies. This section may be regarded as a platform for self-study.

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