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Wednesday, June 15 2005

This site provides comprehensive information about the science, policy, and ethical aspects of research and experimentation on the early stages of human life. If you are a first time visitor, take a quick look at this overview and the site map.

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Check out our our first guest editorial by Prof. Francis Fukuyama
and the response by Prof. John Robertson. Prof. has now posted his rebuttal to Prof. Robertson's response.

Fatherhood by a New Formula - Using an Egg Donor And a Gestational Surrogate, Some Gay Men Are Becoming Dads and Charting New Legal and Ethical Territory
It's a feeling the wealthy Washington entrepreneur likens to "stepping off into thin air," a gut-churning, middle-of-the-night realization that his ...
Details Discovered on How Human Stem Cells become Nerve Cells; Findings Suggest Routes to New ALS Therapies
Investigators funded by The ALS Association have shown for the first time that human stem cells can be made to ...
Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Repair Heart Damage - Human cells restore pumping function in rats following heart attack
Stem cells from umbilical cord blood have effectively treated heart attacks in animals, suggesting a new source of cells for ...

Couple May Sue Over Discarded Embryo
A couple whose frozen embryo was accidentally destroyed at a fertility clinic has the right in Illinois to file a ...
Brazil to study use of stem cells in heart treatment
Brazil announced Wednesday the launch of an ambitious experimental program to use stem cells to treat heart diseases. "The project ...
Asia taking the stem cell lead - Western pre-eminence challenged by China, Singapore and South Korea, UK report says
Researchers in China, South Korea, and Singapore are testing the lead taken by Western countries in the field of stem ...

California's Stem Cell Gold Rush
The person to watch in American medical science today is a California real estate developer named Robert Klein II. As ...
Stem-cell research will now proceed; the issue is how
The embryonic-stem-cell debate is dead. Long live the stem-cell debate. The successful isolation of human embryonic stem cells in 1997 ...
California votes for embryonic stem cell research
When California voters strongly endorsed state Proposition 71 on November 2, stem cell researchers there and throughout the US saw ...

Homo Respect-us - The creature genetic engineers fear most
Whoever titled this week's conference on human germ-line modification "Babies by Design" was playing with fire. Maybe the event's host, ...
Learning From Teratomas, II
Yesterday, I wrote about two proposals for research that might yield the same benefits as embryo-destructive stem-cell research, but without ...
Religion and science: Studies of faith
When Pope John Paul II addressed the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in 1992, he tackled yet again Galileo's famous battles ...




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Transplant: From Myth to Reality by Dr. Nicholas L. Tilney. Yale University Press; Breathing for a Living: A Memoir by Laura Rothenberg. Hyperion. Reviewed by John Langone
Inspiring Science: Jim Watson and the Age of DNA. Edited by John Inglis, Joseph Sambrook & Jan Witkowski. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: 2003. Reviewed by Robert Olby
Enough. Staying Human in an Engineered Age. By Bill McKibben. Times Books: 2003. Reviewed by Timothy Lenoir

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