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Wednesday, June 9 2004

This site provides comprehensive information about the science, policy, and ethical aspects of research and experimentation on the early stages of human life. If you are a first time visitor, take a quick look at this overview and the site map.

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Check out our our first guest editorial by Prof. Francis Fukuyama
and the response by Prof. John Robertson. Prof. has now posted his rebuttal to Prof. Robertson's response.

New Guidelines to Protect Frozen Sperm, Embryos
Britain issued new guidelines on Tuesday to protect frozen sperm, eggs and embryos stored in fertility clinics from being accidentally ...
Testing new hope for IVF success
Tests designed to screen unborn babies for inherited diseases could also boost the success rate for IVF parents, Sydney scientists ...
Biotech summit in San Francisco - Industry makes major strides but still generates controversy
Thirty years ago, two Bay Area scientists demonstrated that a piece of DNA extracted from one species could be spliced ...

58 Senators Seek Easing of Rules for Stem Cells - Bush Urged to Alter Research Policy
A majority of the Senate, including 14 Republicans, have sent a letter to President Bush asking him to loosen the ...
Senators Ask Bush to Change on Stem Cell Policy
A majority of the Senate asked President Bush to change policy and allow stem cell research to better combat Alzheimer's ...
Stem-cell funding on California ballot
California voters will decide in November whether to give $3 billion in state funds to support embryonic stem-cell research in ...

A Fitting Tribute to Mr. Reagan
The death of Ronald Reagan is a poignant reminder of the devastation wrought by Alzheimer's disease, an incurable neurological illness ...
The other stem cells
Like children, human embryonic stem cells are filled with potential but difficult to control. Since they were first isolated in ...
Reagan's Next Victory
The outpouring of respect and affection for Ronald Reagan Ñ the principled president and principal Alzheimer's victim Ñ may help ...

Biotechnology as religion
Since the early days of the Human Genome Project, numerous scholars have explored how genetics often serves not just as ...
Transhumanists put their faith in technology
Humanity is on its way out. Post-humanity--technologically enhanced and perhaps even immortal--is coming. The stuff of science fiction is creed ...
A New Kind of Bioethics - Eschewing the academic mainstream, Bush panel focuses on technology's dangers
Before the first test-tube baby was born, in 1978, Leon R. Kass, then a professor in the Committee on Social ...




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Transplant: From Myth to Reality by Dr. Nicholas L. Tilney. Yale University Press; Breathing for a Living: A Memoir by Laura Rothenberg. Hyperion. Reviewed by John Langone
Inspiring Science: Jim Watson and the Age of DNA. Edited by John Inglis, Joseph Sambrook & Jan Witkowski. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: 2003. Reviewed by Robert Olby
Enough. Staying Human in an Engineered Age. By Bill McKibben. Times Books: 2003. Reviewed by Timothy Lenoir

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