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Thursday, August 26 2004

This site provides comprehensive information about the science, policy, and ethical aspects of research and experimentation on the early stages of human life. If you are a first time visitor, take a quick look at this overview and the site map.

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Check out our our first guest editorial by Prof. Francis Fukuyama
and the response by Prof. John Robertson. Prof. has now posted his rebuttal to Prof. Robertson's response.

Stem Cells: Promise, in Search of Results
At three laboratories here, separated by a taxi ride of no more than 10 or 15 minutes, the world of ...
Discovery of potential stem cells could help those suffering from diabetes
A group of Canadian researchers has made a discovery of potential stem cells in the pancreas, a finding that could ...
'Marathon' mice engineered for extra endurance
Researchers on Monday unveiled genetically engineered mice that can run farther and longer than their naturally bred brethren, bringing the ...

British stem cell studies push past U.S.
At the end of a winding country road lined with hedgerows and tidy brick homes sits a new prefabricated building ...
Facts on Stem Cells
This summer marks the third anniversary of President Bush's announcement of his policy on stem cell research. In the intervening ...
New Poll: Americans Prefer Funding Stem Cell Research That Does Not Require Destroying Human Embryos
Despite exaggerated recent claims about the benefits of embryonic stem cell research, Americans strongly prefer funding research that does not ...

Senseless on Stem Cells - Why advocate research that destroys nascent human beings?
Barry Goldwater remarked years ago that filling in as a "guest host" for Johnny Carson was rather like jury duty: ...
Stem-cell solution: Get politics out of the way
Laura Bush claims that the promise of embryonic stem-cell research is overblown. She says the president's restrictions on research are ...
Stem cells - Nothing can justify arbitrary, unreasoning restrictions on federal support for embryonic research aimed at reducing human suffering
In August 2001, as he was issuing regulations for federally funded research on embryonic stem cells, President Bush wrote, "Stem ...

We are in a quandary over cloning debate ?
We are told that the first human embryos, cloned for therapeutic purposes, could be created soon in Newcastle. Those ...
Not Everything That Is Possible Is Acceptable, Warns Pope in Message to a Meeting in Rimini
To pretend that "what is technically possible is in itself also ethically good" leads to a pragmatism of "dramatic and ...
Clones versus 'spares': the war to redefine embryos
When British authorities granted researchers in England a licence to clone human embryos for stem cell research last week, an ...




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Transplant: From Myth to Reality by Dr. Nicholas L. Tilney. Yale University Press; Breathing for a Living: A Memoir by Laura Rothenberg. Hyperion. Reviewed by John Langone
Inspiring Science: Jim Watson and the Age of DNA. Edited by John Inglis, Joseph Sambrook & Jan Witkowski. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: 2003. Reviewed by Robert Olby
Enough. Staying Human in an Engineered Age. By Bill McKibben. Times Books: 2003. Reviewed by Timothy Lenoir

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